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EDITORIAL: It’s Not Why We Do It, But Thank You

by Montclarion Staff

Last week, the New Jersey Press Foundation (NJPF) announced the winners of its 2020-2021 College Newspaper Contest. The Montclarion won nine awards, including first place in arts and entertainment/critical writing and sports writing, second place in biography/personality profile and photography and third place in online video, COVID-19 coverage and editorial writing. The Montclarion would like to take this opportunity to thank the NJPF for their recognition of our hard work.

While these honors are very much thrilling and we are most gracious for the celebration of our work, The Montclarion does not strive to be an award-winning student newspaper. We strive to be a student newspaper that fulfills its obligation of keeping its student body informed and its governing body held accountable. Doing so is our number one priority and every other aspect of what we do takes a back seat to that commitment.

Whether it be receiving backlash from administration, faculty, other university organizations or being given the opportunity to win a contest, The Montclarion remains solely focused on ensuring its readership has access to the highest quality multimedia reporting.

This past fall semester, The Montclarion published an editorial on the importance of student journalism and the direct impact it has on the community it serves. The message now is the same as it was then and always will be.

There is no better outlet for information on your community than from fellow members of your community.

Every member of the editorial staff for The Montclarion and all those who contribute to The Montclarion is a Montclair State University student. We understand what works and what does not. We undertake the same burdens and we celebrate the same triumphs. Most of all, we strive to do our absolute best to make sure the university administration, board of trustees and all other governing bodies of Montclair State use their power to make the latter outweigh the former.

If there is no watchdog in place to keep those in power up to the standards of its populace, abuse of power is imminent. This is not to say the university does not do a good job, but we must make sure it stays that way.

As U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Hugo Black, once said, “the press was to serve the governed, not the governors.”

We are grateful for the acknowledgment we have received and we will continue to put our best foot forward in our reporting.

Furthermore, The Montclarion is proud to serve and represent its student body and nothing other than the obligation to our fellow students will ever fuel our ambition.

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