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Editorial: Online Classes Click For Students

by Montclarion Staff

For students, time is valuable during the semester. They are either trying to get to class on time, studying and trying to find internships or extracurricular activities to fill up a resume. Sometimes it feels like there is not enough time in the day to just sit down and breathe for just a second. With online classes being available to Montclair State University students, this provides a convenience to students and professors.

Online classes provide a classroom right through a laptop, whether you are in your dorm or at home with your parents. With this advantage, students do not need to fret whether they need to leave at a certain time from home or their dorm. Students do not need to worry about attendance or any in-class rules, like no eating food, if they are running late.

For commuters, this gives them a chance to lessen their days of driving to campus and finding parking. Even taking one online class can cut down the number of days they have to show up on campus. Some professors on campus cite in their syllabi that car trouble is not an excuse to not come to class, which poses a real problem for those that might hit traffic or get into a car accident. Online classes create a remedy for that situation.

For students that live on campus, the situation might be a little different. Living on campus can become a little dreary from time to time. This leads students to go back home to visit their parents and spend some quality time with them. Some students may have to drive up to four hours or even take a flight home. With online classes, students do not need to worry about missing any classwork or about an attendance policy.

Students from different universities express their feelings about online classes:



When going to the opposite side for the spectrum, professors also receive the same convenience as students. As some professors also have a second job working at a law firm or a production studio, these online classes provide professors a chance to teach students on the side. This also provides the students of Montclair State with professors that are still in the field they are studying. This could possibly lead to more internship opportunities for the students as well as connections with people who have names for themselves already.

As a whole, online classes can offer huge advantages as a means of employing professors that still work in the field. Students need not worry about being late due to traffic or because they wanted to visit their parents back home. Ultimately, online classes provide students and professors a sigh of relief.

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