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EDITORIAL: We Want Wifi and We Want It Now

by Avery Nixon

There are many things about Montclair State University that make it appealing for incoming freshmen. Its Spanish Mission architecture, beautiful quad, newly renovated buildings and the adorable deer that make appearances at night, just to name a few. However, not everything is as perfect as it seems.

You start walking to your class, maybe it’s in the Feliciano School of Business, you get there a little early and venture down to the cafe on the lower floor. You get a delicious smoothie and decide to sit down for a bit to unwind or do some work.

But alas, the Wi-Fi on campus that’s vital for you to do your work, or scroll mindlessly on Twitter in public so it’s less awkward to be sitting alone, is not working. In fact, none of the three networks for Montclair State work. Three different ways to connect to the internet on campus and they all decide to stop working at the exact same second. Now, you’re just sitting alone, full of rage and unable to scroll on social media to escape the anxiety of being in public.

After a couple of irritating minutes, it’s time for class. You sit down, pull out your laptop for notes and get ready to learn.

Oh, wait. Did you forget? The Wi-Fi doesn’t work and probably won’t work for at least an hour and a half, maybe more.

Now, your entire class is ruined because the professor is unable to use the internet which is, once again, crucial to your education. You may be able to find other options and get through the class, but it’s still quite an annoyance.

After class, you probably want to go to your dorm on campus and relax with a little television. But guess what: the Wi-Fi in your dorm doesn’t work either. Now you’re left alone with nothing but a Brita, maybe a funny tapestry on the wall and a mattress that makes a good night’s rest feel like you’ve been doing hard labor in your sleep.

Forget watching TikToks to help pass the time, you’d be lucky if you can watch one and have it on loop because it’s the only video that will even load.

In all seriousness, the Wi-Fi on campus has been a huge issue for all students and staff at Montclair State this semester.

Without access to the internet, where most of our courseware and assignments are, it is impossible to get through the day smoothly.

Not to mention, if you have a hybrid class and you’re on Zoom when the internet decides to go down, you miss out on most of your class with no way to participate.

Yes, we’re glad that all the dorms have randomly colored furniture that is totally incoherent when it comes to theme and design, but some students simply cannot afford to use their data 24/7. Even if they can, the more data that is used, the less it will work until the month goes on.

So many aspects of our lives are now embedded in our computers and phones. A life with poor internet stability and connection is simply not sustainable anymore.

It’s time we start receiving the living and classroom conditions we paid for.

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