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Embrace Who You Are

by Amanda Brown

At times in our lives, we as women often have the same routine. Without putting too much thought into it, it becomes everyday activities. We wake up, follow through with our skincare routine, moisturize, drown our pores in makeup, fix up our hair, dress and are ready for the day.

That routine gives us the power to get through our day, and it has become so typical that we could not do without it. It is almost as if the makeup we put on and hairstyles we do are our masks. Masks we wear that give us our confidence. Not only confidence but a type of courage that us women naturally cannot do entirely on our own.

Not all women have the same style, but there are similarities in the reasons behind what we do. For instance, our hair routines. There are those who burn their curls to make the clean and cute look of straight hair. Ironically, vice versa, there are those who curl their straight hair for the same reason.

There are also the exotic colorful hairstyles that women strut without shame and those who choose to go for a more natural look by changing their color up with equally intense dyes.

Not only do we worry about the way our hair looks, but we subconsciously consider the appearance of our faces. Just like the fixation on our hair, women have also been taught to worry about makeup. This is the main piece to our masks.

We can all agree that makeup does offer the same feeling of acceptance to our subconscious. Take those who dress in drag and those who have more of a conservative look. Can you spot the similarity? The similarity is how they feel about themselves at the end of the day.

Isn’t that why we as women put makeup on in the first place? It is not to just put our money to good use but to provide us the security of going to class secure in our skin.

In the end, we as women have basically been programmed to embrace who we are not rather than how we naturally are. We alter the way we look because of how the marks, scars, bumps and stripes we have on our bodies are not acceptable in society. As women, we have been brought up to try to look our best, even if it hurts us.

I encourage those who are reading this to say no more to those old fashion rules and to make your own. If you find yourself getting tired of picking up that foundation brush, put it down. Look in the mirror and find that piece on your face that makes you look your best and wear it with no shame.

If you find yourself paying money monthly to burn those beautiful curls or curling your straight hair, consider the damage you are causing to not only yourself but your wallet. Embrace what you are given and find a look that makes you feel like a million dollars.

Walk out of the house and own it because no one else has the opportunity to have the beautiful qualities we were each individually given.


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