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Everything Else is Online, Why not Classes?

by Montclarion Opinion
Online classes give students the luxury to take classes wherever they go. Photo credit: Daniella Heminghaus

Online classes give students the luxury to take classes wherever they go.
Photo credit: Daniella Heminghaus

When it comes to college, the list of things that students have to do is endless. For commuters, getting to school becomes one more task on their to-do list, but that’s where online classes come in.

It is not necessary to be present in a classroom to learn the material or succeed in a course. Online classes give students the freedom to take the class virtually anywhere. You can take a class at home in bed, at a coffee shop enjoying a latte or at a library. There’s no dress code. You don’t have to worry about looking appropriate if you don’t want to.

With online classes, there are no distractions. You don’t have to worry about student disruptions while you take the course. With in-person classes, you run the risk of annoying and talkative people ruining your learning experience.

In addition, Montclair State is no stranger to all-around horrible weather. Between blizzards, torrential downpours and wind gusts that knock the breath out of you, being on campus is not always the most desirable thing in the world. Imagine you had an online class instead — you could stay at home or in your dorm taking your class while other unfortunate students brave the weather.

Most college students have to work in addition to taking classes. Online classes give students more flexibility and freedom. They have more time to schedule in shifts and complete school work between shifts or late at night.

Online classes also give students more time to get their work done. They put less pressure on the student than a traditional class setting, where assignments may be due during class time. They also enable you to take your time and worry about your own work instead of feeling pressured to keep up with other students.

Everyone works at a different pace. In traditional classes, work is done according to the professor, and there isn’t much room for change. With an online class, there is no need to rush or skip ahead to follow along — there’s no set time. You can finish your work in 15 minutes or four hours — it’s up to you.

Lastly, gone are the days of frantically searching for a professor on Rate My Professors. In an online course, your professor doesn’t really matter. You choose what experience you get. You don’t get much interaction with a professor beyond online discussion boards and emails.

Overall, online classes can be perfect for the right person. They are convenient, flexible and give students freedom. At the end of the day, I would rather take a class in my warm pajamas in bed than in a cramped class with 20 other people I don’t know.

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