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Farewell Montclair State University

by Nicholas Da Silva

Alexandra Clark | The Montclarion

When thinking about writing my final article for The Montclarion, I found myself uncertain with how to start it off. However, the feeling of uncertainty has followed me virtually every day I have been a student at Montclair State University.

Due to my desire to always be modest and avoid overconfidence, I have never granted myself the luxury of believing that things will go smoothly. Whether it be a test, a project or one of the articles that I write every week, I have always kept a degree of uncertainty no matter how easy something seemed to be.

To my good fortune, I have found that my uncertainty would result in things turning out fine and achieving levels of personal success I had never before achieved in my life. From joining honor societies to earning the George and Linda Hiltzik Scholarship, my time at Montclair State has also granted me the privilege of encounters with some incredible people.

If you told me four years ago that I would end up interviewing one of Yogi Berra’s children and one of his grandchildren for a class assignment, I never would have believed you. Yet, I met them both and had a very pleasant interview with them in the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center for the museum’s annual Yogi Berra Tribute Day.

In the four years I have been a student at this school, I have interviewed teachers, students, coaches, entrepreneurs and even war veterans. I have gone from writing feature stories about registering for classes to doing a photo gallery on a student with a gift for juggling.

The best part about writing this piece is thinking back on all of the great stories and adventures I found myself partaking in. At the same time, thinking back on all of those great times makes me think about my biggest regret as I come to the end of my college career.

In the quest to always achieve the utmost success as a student, while also juggling a part time job, I never really got the chance to sit back and enjoy the moment. Always thinking about what laid ahead and what the next day was going to bring, I never was able to just be part of a class or attend an event without putting pressure on myself to be successful.

Of all the perks that come with graduating a semester earlier than most seniors do, I think the best thing about this situation is that it will allow me some time to venture freely and enjoy some free time. I will obviously be searching for jobs to apply to after I graduate, but I will also make sure that I travel and spend some more time with my family.

I am not going to burden you with inspirational quotes about the future because I do not believe that life should be packaged in easy-to-sell phrases. If you live your life by inspirational quotes, you are sheltering yourself from the fact that life is not something you can package in a nice and tidy box.

What I want you and everyone at The Montclarion to know is that I am grateful that I was able to write for this paper for every single week that I was a student at Montclair State University. From staff members who graduated before me and to those who have just started, this wonderful news outlet always provided me with kind words, helpful advice and the warmest of hearts.

On the first day I came to campus, I went into The Montclarion office and asked the staff members about writing for the paper. The feeling of uncertainty I had made me think that it would not be so easy to join the school’s paper.

However, the staff welcomed me immediately with open arms and as the old saying goes, the rest was history. Though it will not likely happen, I wish to be welcomed at my future jobs with the same degree of warmth and respect that the staff of The Montclarion did.

As usual, my article has run a tad too long simply because I cannot contain the gratitude I have for The Montclarion faculty by helping me become a better writer and allowing me to do something that I hoped I would get to do one day. Even though I leave The Montclarion staff this semester, they will hold a special place in my heart along with Montclair State University.

Some of the best stories are the ones that have a great ending. This article is my hope that I have given my story as a writer for The Montclarion a satisfying ending. I thank you all one final time and say goodbye…until we meet again.

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