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Hillary Clinton: Sick of the Lies

by Montclarion Opinion
Clinton lies sick
Clinton lies sick

Hillary Clinton has struggled to gain the trust of the American people because of her continuing dishonesty.
Photo courtesy of US Embassy Kabul Afghanistan (Flickr)

In an unsurprising turn of events, yet another controversy has emerged in the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Even less surprising, this controversy revolves around Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her lack of honesty.

At a memorial ceremony for the 15th anniversary of 9/11, Clinton left early for reasons that were initially unknown. Soon, footage was released to the public showing Clinton struggling to stand and being helped into her car by her security team. When the news broke, Clinton’s campaign initially stated her collapse was the result of heat exhaustion, although it was later revealed by her doctor that she was suffering from pneumonia.

Rather than being honest from the get-go, Clinton’s campaign team tried to cover things up to avoid feeding into the rumors surrounding her health. Yet, this is exemplary of what’s been going on with Clinton for so many years.

When it comes to Clinton, you only hear the part of the story that makes her look good as opposed to the honest truth. Any time she is caught in some sort of detrimental situation, she and her team try their best to sweep the story under the rug. It is only when there is no other option that Clinton comes out and confesses what actually happened.

Nobody knows what to believe about Clinton because she tries to keep everything a secret, which is something you cannot do when you are running for President of the United States. A president should be as honest with the public as possible, whether it is to deliver good or bad news. You cannot constantly make up excuses and try to dance around the issue when you are embroiled in some sort of international crisis and people want answers.

This is what happened with Clinton in the email scandal that has plagued her all throughout this campaign. She brought that controversy onto herself by being dishonest about what happened. After the news broke about her suspicious email activities, it took months of dancing around the situation before Clinton finally acknowledged her wrongdoing and offered some sort of apology. By that time though, it just came off as her reluctantly apologizing because she had her back against the wall.

As mentioned before, the Clinton health rumors have been swirling about. Many believe Clinton’s health is on the decline, and this incident only adds gasoline to the fire. Once again, the situation could have been put to bed with honesty, but was only intensified because Clinton chose to keep everything hidden.

Compare this consistent dishonesty from Clinton to the genuine nature of another democrat, President Barack Obama. Obama has made plenty of hard decisions during his presidency, but never once have I felt that his intentions were anything but genuine. He has always come off as a guy trying to do what he feels is right for the good of the country. One of the reasons why he became president was because he portrayed himself as a sincere and decent individual. Sincerity is not the word to use when describing Clinton throughout her presidential campaign.

Clinton’s team released her medical records on Wednesday, Sept. 14, but it was already too late. Instead of getting ahead of the story and being honest with the public, it took being caught on camera for the Clinton campaign to admit the truth.

In the past few weeks, Republican nominee Donald Trump has been catching up to Clinton in national polls to the point where they are neck and neck. I feel that Clinton’s dishonesty is the reason many people are losing faith in her. A lot of people do not believe they can put their trust in an individual who constantly tries to keep everything a secret from the public.

We are less than two months away from the presidential election and the outcome has never been more doubtful than it is now. If Clinton wants to win, she has to stop with all of her secrecy and convince the people of the United States that she can be a trustworthy and responsible leader.

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