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Hypocrisy in DC – Democrats Playing Their Classic Games

by Aj Melillo

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Throughout the past few weeks there have been countless sexual assault and harassment allegations against men in Hollywood, the media and Washington D.C. Of course sexual assault is awful no matter where it is committed or who is doing it. If we cannot trust the men and women who make our laws and policy to follow the rules themselves, then who can we trust?

In the most recent of sexual harassment allegations we have had two extremely influential U.S. leaders be accused of sexual misconduct: Democratic Senator from Minnesota Al Franken and Democratic Congressman from Michigan John Conyers. These are just the latest of many Democrats who have been accused of sexual misconduct including recently imprisoned Anthony Weiner and former president Bill Clinton. That being said, this is not just an epidemic on the American left, although sexual misconduct does thrive in liberal circles. Some conservatives have been accused as well, including the Republican Senate candidate from Alabama Roy Moore.

You may recall that every Democrat on the planet wants Moore to step down and not run for Senate anymore despite the fact that he has consistently denied the allegation against him but very few are calling for Franken and Conyers to step down. Why are they doing this, you may ask? Because Moore is a political enemy of the Democrats in office while Franken and Conyers are political allies.

The Democrats really do not care about these sexual assault allegations provided the accused support abortion. To quote reporter Nina Burleigh after the Bill Clinton allegations arose in the 1990s, “I would be happy to give [Clinton] a bl*w j*b just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.”

These disgusting beliefs lie directly at the roots of the Democrats’ hypocrisy on this issue. No Republican has been quoted saying such disgusting things.

Senate candidate Moore and Representative Conyers both deny the allegations placed against them, but the Democrats only want one of the two to step down and it is not the Democrat. To quote Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, “We are strengthened by due process… John Conyers is an icon in our country.”

Meanwhile, she has called Roy Moore a “child molester.” I guess due process is only a constitutional right for Democrats. I should add that Pelosi later retracted her statements in support of Conyers, but only after her position as minority leader was called into question by members of her own party.

In the past few days the Democrats have turned their backs on 88-year-old Conyers, finally admitting that he should step down from office, but they still have not turned against Franken. The reason they have turned on one and not the other is clear: politics. It is in the Democrats’ favor to get rid of Conyers because he is very old and is suffering from a deteriorating mental health, having shown up at professional meetings in his pajamas on multiple occasions. That calls his credibility into question since he probably just forgot the sexual harassment happened like he forgot to put on appropriate clothing for the meeting.

On the other hand, they still want to keep Senator Franken in office. They want him to stay regardless of consequence, because he was well liked prior to the five sexual assault allegations and he consistently voted along party lines. Democrats still want him in the U.S. Senate even after he admitted to sexual assault and photo evidence was released of him groping a sleeping woman. Could you imagine the uproar by the democratic, feminist left if Franken had an R by his name instead of a D?

It is not that hard to imagine though because we see it everyday in their outrage against senatorial candidate Moore. Virtually every person on the American left wants Moore to resign, but to quote Pelosi again, “We are strengthened by due process.”

There are three main differences between Moore and Conyers. First of all, Moore is of full, able mind to deny these allegations. Two, he is a Republican. Three, one is a candidate and one is an active U.S. representative. This means that in Moore’s case, the jury is Alabama’s voters and in Conyers’ case, the jury is the House of Representatives.

To be clear, I am not saying that the allegations against Moore are not credible, but what I am saying is that he has the right to defend himself as all people in this country are innocent until proven guilty. To be clear, I am not saying that I believe all of Moore’s denial. If I lived in Alabama I would not vote for Moore, I would vote for either a write-in candidate or a third-party candidate.

But I am not from Alabama and I cannot vote in that election. It comes down to whether or not the voters find the allegations against Moore credible. The same type of trial should be conducted in the House in Conyers’ case and the people that we elected to represent us should decide whether or not these claims are credible.

Senator Franken is a different story. He should just be removed from office after fully admitting to sexually assaulting multiple women. End of story.

All I am asking is for the people that we have elected to be philosophically honest and not so disgustingly partisan. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, you should be held to the same basic standards of human decency, including not sexually harassing people. Therefore, if you have committed this crime, you should pay the price.


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