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I Stream, You Stream, We All Scream for Nice Streams

by Sam Carliner

If you are a millennial, odds are you take streaming very seriously, especially if you are a college student.

Netflix has made a name for itself as the original platform for streaming some of the biggest shows in the world of entertainment and has become one of the most popular brands of the decade. Recently, Netflix has been dropping cherished shows left and right. Hulu has been on its tail, snatching up some of the best content. For this reason and several others, I believe that the age of Hulu is on the rise.

Netflix’s current catalogue is nothing to scoff at. The company’s original content includes some of the most intelligent and acclaimed shows of the golden age of television, such as “Orange is the New Black,” “Stranger Things” and my personal favorite, “BoJack Horseman.” Netflix also has its share of binge-worthy content such as “The Office” and “Mad Men.” However, at the rate Netflix pumps out original content, the shows worth watching are just rare gems in a large selection of mediocrity, and the selection of binge-worthy shows that aren’t original content has been shrinking rapidly.

“Parks and Recreation,” “Lost” and “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” are just a few examples of popular shows that have gone straight from Netflix to Hulu. Also, in Hulu’s catalogue are nostalgia-inducing cartoons such as “Rugrats,” more experimental shows like Adult Swim’s “The Eric Andre Show” and classic sitcoms like “Will & Grace.” Hulu is also starting to gain attention for original content. While it does not produce as many high quality shows as Netflix, series such as Golden Globe winner, “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Marvel’s “Runaways” exhibit the potential of Hulu original content.

Hulu certainly has its flaws. The layout is much harder to navigate than that of Netflix. Users are required to pay extra to avoid commercials. But even with a confusing layout and ads, I still believe Hulu is currently the better platform, especially for those who enjoy music.

While Hulu does not provide their own music streaming service, college students can take advantage of a package subscription which offers Spotify Premium and Hulu for only $5 a month. Netflix’s cheapest plan is about $8 a month and does not include any music streaming.

Admittedly, the real determining factor for which platform is better depends mostly on which shows individuals would rather watch. Both platforms offer a variety of popular shows that span all different genres. There are certainly shows on Netflix that I am obsessed with, but I can say the same for Hulu.

Choosing between catalogues can be difficult and subjective, but when looking at which platform gives you more bang for your buck, I firmly believe that Hulu is the better streaming service and I’m excited to see what else it will have to offer in the coming years.

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