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If Democrats Want to Stop Losing, They Should Stop Supporting Losers

by Brian Rooney

Speculation over another run for president by Hillary Clinton has been reignited after her comments in a recent interview. If you are a Democrat and excited about this, you need to stay off weed for a while and your short-term memory loss is kicking in.

During an interview with Kara Swisher of Recode, loser and former presidential candidate Clinton responded to a question regarding a possible 2020 presidential run with, “Well, I’d like to be president.”

Democrats who are behind another Clinton campaign are like those middle-aged New Jersey residents still watching reruns of “The Sopranos.” It is over, and find a new show. There is plenty of television to choose from. There is the well-established and obvious pick “Game of Thrones,” the fresh and exciting “Stranger Things,” or the timeless and always entertaining “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” In other words, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker or Bernie Sanders. The Larry David/Bernie Sanders analogy was a mere coincidence by the way.

I legitimately can not fathom why Democrats continue to back Clinton. Everything the left complains about regarding the current presidential administration could have been avoided had it not been for her. She blew it. Sorry.

Clinton lost to a candidate who called an entire demographic of people rapists, bragged about sexual assault and attacked the size of another candidate’s manhood on national television. I still feel like that last one is way overlooked. #JusticeForRubio. Regardless of how outraged you feel or how unfit you believe the current president is for office, Clinton missed the dunk. It is one thing to not finish the alley-oop, but it is a whole other thing to miss an alley-oop tossed up by the opposing team.

Just two days before the general election, Clinton was under investigation by the FBI regarding her violation of data security laws. Clinton claimed she had distanced herself from Wall Street, but the uncovering of her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs said otherwise. While Clinton was now former President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from Russian nuclear officials. Shortly after, an agreement was made between the United States and Russia that granted the Russians 20 percent of U.S. uranium, and in the words of Cardi B, “How convenient is that?”

So why would Democrats elect such a scandal-ridden candidate to take on such a scandal-ridden candidate? Well, they didn’t. In her book, former Democratic National Convention Chairwoman Donna Brazile exposes how the starved for cash Democratic National Committee signed a joint fundraising agreement with the Clinton campaign. In an interview with CNN, Massachusetts’ Senator and high-ranking Democrat Elizabeth Warren agreed with the notion that the Democratic primaries were rigged in Clinton’s favor.

In the interview with Recode, where the 2020 campaign rumors were sparked, Clinton continued by saying, “I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure we have a Democrat in the White House come January of 2021.” If she really meant that, Clinton would have conceded the primaries to Bernie Sanders, and come January of 2021, a Democrat would be in the White House starting their second term. In May of 2016, every major poll had Sanders over Trump by an average of +10.3, whereas Clinton’s poll advantage over Trump was a mere +3.1.

I often hear the blame for the Clinton loss be cast on racists and hate groups, but where were the racists four and eight years ago? I highly doubt a racist mindset operates by thinking, “A black dude is okay, but this white lady has to be stopped.” If you are arguing that racism becomes more potent in between 2012 and 2016, please explain to me how that happened.

I believe today’s society is the most enlightened it has ever been. The bottom line is, Democrats continuing to embrace Clinton is like Ronald McDonald trusting the Hamburglar. Personally, I am all in for Akon 2020.


This satirical piece is written by Brian Rooney, a comedy writer for The Montclarion.

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