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Joining Clubs: The Gateway to Commuter Happiness on Campus

by Sunah Choudhry

I was miserable and bored during my freshmen year. I did not talk to anyone, nor did I join any clubs. I was not very outgoing because I had a plan once I finished my full day of classes. After my classes I would wait for the shuttle to take me to my car in Lot 60 and then drive home.

Now that I am in the fall semester of my sophomore year, I have set a goal to change my old habits. I made it my goal to become more involved on campus. I went out and started joining organizations, like The Montclarion and WMSC 90.3.

I was nervous at first, like any person who wanted to join an organization or new club. However, once I had actually attended the meetings, I saw how welcoming the people really were. I was greeted right away which made me feel so much more comfortable.

I learned that I had a lot in common with the students who ran and were part of these clubs and organizations. Since both feel more like family, I look forward to going to the meetings every Wednesday. It is also a great way to become involved on campus and express your views within a college setting.

I always saw things happening on campus, but I was hesitant to attend them as a commuter. Not having many Montclair State University friends, I would find it hard to go alone to some of the on-campus events, which would give away free t-shirts and food.

This semester, I also made it my goal to go to many of these events. So far, I have attended 16 events in the span of two months. I have received free items such as stuffed animals, t-shirts and water bottles or food. Along with the free items, I made a lot more friends just by waiting in line and making conversation.

I have realized that all I needed to do was make an effort to go to these events. Going to free events and organization meetings, I have met people that I now consider good friends. I have overcome my fear of talking to new people. As a result, I have become an even happier and more sociable commuter student on campus.

Now, I look forward to arriving on campus to see all of my new friends and contributing to all the clubs and organizations that I have joined here. If you make an effort to go to clubs or free events to have fun, you can have an amazing time on campus. Even as a commuter, you can become involved.

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