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Juul Regret It

by Carly Henriquez

Have you tried the delicious mango Juul flavor yet? It provides a rich mango flavor with hints of tropical fruits, according to the official Juul website. But what is purposely left out of the description and written in very small font is that each Juul pod contains 5 percent nicotine in every 0.07 mL.

A Juul is shaped to look similar if not identical to a USB flash drive. It is seamless, lightweight and its modern look can be aesthetically pleasing to young impressionable teenagers.

Having the ability to quickly Juul on the way to classes makes it all the more worthwhile in buying this e-cigarette, but the longevity of your health is put in jeopardy. According to a Vox article, one Juul pod contains the same substance of nicotine as a regular pack of cigarettes.

Juul is worse than a traditional cigarette because of how its attractive fruity scent covers up the vile nicotine being inhaled smoothly each time. Cigarettes users are reminded of the nicotine with each breathe they inhale from the lingering smell of poison being let in.

Studies from the Truth Initiative campaign show that cigarette users typically transition into e-cigarettes because it produces less second-hand smoke and they believe e-cigarettes are less dangerous than cigarettes.

Montclair State University currently has 11 Designated Tobacco Smoking Areas but ‘Juuling’ produces small amounts of puff that you can smoke in buildings without getting caught. Interestingly enough, I personally caught a quick glimpse of a student smoking in a tobacco-free area while studying in a student lounge.

Juul is cost-effective and cheap to continue purchasing since it is rechargeable. It costs $15.99 per pod which can last longer than your traditional cigarette.

The Juul is being heavily regulated now because of how many minors falsely believed it was a harmless water-flavored vapor. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is strictly regulating the marketing of e-cigarettes to reduce the excessive growth of youth tobacco users.

For instance, children go on Instagram to boast about their smoking ability in an attempt to appear cool on social media.

However, is putting labels on packages stating, “This product contains an addictive chemical,” enough to stop minors and young adults from smoking?

The answer is no. E-cigarettes are essentially the trend and are becoming a staple in our society. Some young people are first made aware of Juul through their friends or acquaintances who bring it while hanging out, not knowing the harmful side effects it can produce.

Consumers have expressed their anger and frustration regarding the side effects they have experiences from Juuling on Twitter:


The problem for this product is that it is too new to know all of the health repercussions it may cause. There still is not enough studies to show the long-term effects for e-cigarettes in general, which should be worrisome.

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