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Montclair Needs Cold Cuts

by Montclarion Opinion

While college may be the ideal fruition to any young adult’s educational career, there are always parts of college that cause people to second-guess their choices. All joking aside, college is a great experience. However, there are luxuries that some students often take for granted, like having certain food and drink available to you at all times because the store was only down the street. While you have many opportunities and locations that give you availability to certain food and drink, it is not like home.

I do appreciate the necessities they have at campus here for us. Still, a lot of the time I would like to grab a case of water or two liters of soda because there are those nights that I spend in my dorm studying and need some energy that a singular energy drink or cup of coffee cannot achieve. I do not believe that Montclair’s grocery choices are extensive enough for the people that need it the most.

I think that to have a more enjoyable consumer related experience here at college, there should be some changes in the places that sell food. The stores that we have here should carry cold cuts, two varieties of bread instead of one and a wider array of condiments for sandwiches.

Yes, there are places that can make sandwiches of your choice here, but sometimes I know I do not want to pay eight dollars for a sandwich that I could easily make myself ten times around for half the price, that is if they decide to give us cold cuts.

Touching on my point from before, there should also be cases of water and big bottles of soda instead of bottles for these inconvenient $3.35 prices. That way we can be cost-efficient by buying what we need in bulk as opposed to purchasing overpriced single items. These are not just rants, this is a suggestion from someone who loves to save money, and the best way to save money is to buy in bulk at a reasonable price. These are changes that Montclair needs to comply to so that our dorming experience is just a little bit better.W

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