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Montclair State, A Brighter Future

by Montclarion Opinion
Editorial Cartoon byMelisa Vallovera

Editorial Cartoon by Melisa Vallovera

As students and faculty faithfully return to Montclair State for another semester, many are noticing that the university is looking a bit brighter. With Clove Road’s shiny new lighting additions, Montclair State is more radiant than ever.

On Dec. 14, 2015, Montclair State became aware of a very serious safety concern facing the campus community. That night, the University Police Department received a report that a student crossing Clove Road near Hawk Crossings had been struck by a vehicle. The University Police Department believes bad weather and poor visibility are contributing factors in the accident.

Upon learning about this terrible news, Montclair State jumped into action by reaching out to PSE&G.

During winter break, PSE&G installed several new lights on Clove Road in front of Hawk Crossings, an apartment-style residence hall on campus.

The quick response on behalf of the university has ensured that the safety of all members of the campus community is a major priority. The new lights have come as a welcomed change to those returning for the spring semester.

The new lights have increased the safety of both drivers and pedestrians near Hawk Crossings. This will be beneficial as snowy weather approaches. The increased amount of light in the high-traffic area will help prevent any additional accidents from occurring.

However, there are other high-traffic areas that require similar attention. Various areas across campus remain dangerous spots for pedestrians. Time and time again, people have expressed their safety concerns when walking from Dinallo Heights to the New Jersey Transit Deck or walking from College Hall to Freeman Hall.

Lighting adjustments need to be made before another individual is injured or other bad situations occur in these dark places. It should not take another injury or incident for the university to take action.

Adding lights in various locations around campus would renew Montclair State’s commitment of safety to both students and staff. Students and staff need to feel safe and comfortable while walking at night on campus. Lighting is a small price for the university to pay to make everyone on campus feels secure.

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