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Montclair State Really Does Have It All

by Montclarion Opinion
The College Hall bell tower is a quintessential part of Montclair State University since this founding. Photo Credit: Victoria Testa

The College Hall bell tower is a quintessential part of Montclair State University since this founding.
Photo Credit: Victoria Testa

Throughout my short time here at Montclair State University, I have heard and experienced many different types of phrases and mottos, but one has echoed true in my mind in every moment that I live: “It’s All Here.”

Now, some people might be quick to criticize that, listing minor things that are missing, or going out of their way to find things that Montclair State University indefinitely does or does not have, but truly, it really is all here. There is something, no matter how small, that is here for everyone.

The vast majority of people normally arrive to college still fixated on recent high school memories, unsure of what they want to be a part of, what they want to major in or who they want to associate with. But there is hope, regardless of what your extracurricular interests are, what sport you may play, what you like to do in your free time or what your personality is like, that there is something here at Montclair State for you.

Rest assured, if you were a serious athlete in high school, and have considered continuing your athletic career in a less stressful but still demanding environment, you can make that choice.

Offering eight Division III sports for males and ten for females from cross-country to baseball, as well as twelve different intramural club sports, and a fully-functional, all-purpose gym located in the middle of campus, there is no reason not to get involved, join up and start spending your time in the most fun and healthy way possible, and meet new people at the same time.

In addition, while Montclair State is rather strong and versatile in its athletic and recreational background, there is also multitude of majors, clubs, extracurricular activities and ways to get involved in the arts, which is one of the most sought-after and loved features of the university as a whole.

For those whose inner strengths and interests are artistic and academic and best expressed on the radio, on TV, on the stage or in concert, the arts at Montclair State has everything to offer, and everything for the taking. If you are undeclared, the College of the Arts is likely to captivate your imagination. The talent may entice you to wander your way into Alexander Kasser Memorial Theater or Memorial Auditorium, where diligent, hardworking and talented students demonstrate their craft and abilities on the big stage in full ensemble concerts, discreet shows based on ancient Greek plays and student-developed shows.

If none of this manages to catch your eye, don’t panic, there’s more. There are trips and opportunities several times a month to travel to New York City to see the most popular and sought after shows, ranging from “Aladdin” to “Wicked,” and if you’re lucky, “Hamilton,” starring the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda.

If you don’t want to venture that far away from campus, rest assured. Every Saturday for the entirety of the day, there is the shopper shuttle that can take you to the best shopping centers and outlets in Little Falls and the surrounding area where you can stock up on much needed food, school supplies, toiletries, clothes and more.

Lastly, even if you still haven’t found something to get involved in, meet new people, open up new opportunities or something fun to accompany your time outside of class, you won’t have to worry. Here at Montclair State University, it really is “all here.”

Everyone is accepted with open arms, and given the same opportunities and aid as everyone else, no matter what. Once more, there is always something to do, but the only way that you’ll experience the many things to experience is if you choose to get up and get involved in whatever it may be. You are at the most exciting and fun-filled time of your life, and now is the time to seize opportunity, get comfortable and secure your future starting today. Don’t squander that time, because “It’s All Here.”

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