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No, ResLife, I Can’t Sweat This Any Longer

by Mackenzie Robertson

No matter what I do, heat is seeping out of my HVAC units and into my Village apartment and bedroom at Montclair State University. Even when it’s set to “off,” it continues to wrap my room in an unwanted blanket of hot air.

It has also gotten to the point where some students have indoor thermometers that are reaching temperatures of almost 80 degrees, causing them to file complaints.

On Friday, Nov. 1, The Village community director Rebecca Stringham sent an email to residents addressing the rise in requests sent to facilities to repair broken HVAC units that are pumping out too much heat.

Stringham stated that on Oct. 15, Residence Life switched over to heat-only and that The Village will remain heat-only until the spring. This would be fine if we actually had control over our HVAC units.

For an apartment that I pay a lot of money for, this is outright ridiculous.

Not everyone likes to be hot and as someone who suffers from allergies, my sinuses immediately close up when I enter a hot room, making it increasingly difficult to breathe unless my face is next to an open window.

In order to relieve myself, I find myself opening my window every night and shoving pillows over the vents just to stop the constant flow of heat.

Ask anyone, I am someone that suffers from being a hot sleeper. With the all-heat systems turned on, I haven’t gotten a full nights sleep.

What I don’t understand is why on earth the school does not allow students in on-campus apartments to control their own temperature flow.

I lived in Blanton Hall and Dinallo Heights in previous years and had full control over the temperature all year long. Suddenly, I am sweating bullets because Residence Life decided I have to.

What is stopping Montclair State Residence Life from allowing me to control temperature freely in a space I am paying roughly $12,000 in an academic year for?

I love the space I live in and feel grateful that our university has built complexes like The Village, but the heating ordeal has gotten unbearable.

I understand turning the air conditioning systems off once it is Oct. 15, however, at least allow me to turn the heat off at my own will. No matter what I do, the heat doesn’t stop and my room is hot and sticky. I sometimes become nauseous from the heat, it is not healthy.

I know I am not the only resident who feels this way, it is all I hear being talked about in the hallways and shuttle stops. I urge Residence Life to consider the students with allergies that are suffering from the all-heat all-the-time decision and consider letting us control the temperature levels in our rooms. People are getting sick from leaving the windows open.

Students suffering should contact Residence Life to let them know of concerns they may have because staying silent will not instill change.

I hope things may change so I can finally sleep comfortably in a place I am paying a lot of money for.

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