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Politically Aware Teen Goes Viral

by Montclarion Opinion
Politically Aware Teen Goes Viral

Nicholas Da Silva, a Journalism major, is in his second year as a columnist for The Montclarion.

Conservative activist Coreco JaQuan Pearson has taken the term “kids say the darndest things” to a whole new level. The 13-year-old has become an online sensation through numerous Youtube videos he has made slamming President Barack Obama along with many of his fellow Democrats in Congress.

Since he posted his first Youtube video back in Feb. 2015 entitled “President Obama: Do You Really Love America,” the eighth grade student from Grovetown, Ga. has been applauded by Republicans and dismissed by Democrats. Pearson has even appeared on Fox News numerous times and, on Sept. 8, Texas Senator Ted Cruz named him the national chairman of “Teens for Ted.”

However, it is his most recent video that has caused quite a stir. Since its posting on Sept. 16, the video “Dear Mr. President and Ahmed” has received nearly two million views, making it the second most viewed video on his channel.

In the video, Pearson criticized Obama’s decision to invite police-interrogated teen Ahmed Mohamed to the White House. Pearson tells his viewers that Obama’s motivation for inviting the Muslim teenager to the White House was to only further his own political agenda.

“He’s used this child as a political prop,” Pearson said. “This president has used this child to push his radical, leftward agenda. I think it’s disgusting and I think many, many people [will] agree.”

Yet the controversy did not stop with his video, as this past week, Pearson posted an image on his Facebook page that seemed to show that he had been blocked from viewing Obama’s official Twitter account. The Obama Administration almost immediately denied Pearson’s claims as Assistant Press Secretary Frank Benenati tweeted:

Since the incident, Pearson has stood by his story, but there has not yet been any official confirmation.

Still, there is one truth that cannot be denied; Pearson should be admired. Whether you agree with Pearson’s views or not, he has continually had the guts to speak out openly against what he believes is wrong with the United States to the point where he has drawn great ire from those who oppose his viewpoints. There are certain politicians in our country who are not as vocal and blunt in their opinions as this eighth-grade student is. His internet presence should serve as encouragement for others to get involved in politics and become informed citizens.

However, Pearson has been met with his fair share of opposition. Those who use social media to insult a 13-year-old boy for voicing his beliefs should feel absolutely ashamed of themselves. Those kinds of people are trying to encourage today’s youth to keep their opinions to themselves and preventing our nation’s younger individuals from becoming involved or even informed on politics.

I am not commending this boy because I believe everything he says. I am commending him because he is a shining example of someone utilizing their First Amendment right. Trying to use scare tactics to get someone to back down from their argument is not only immature, but it is the ultimate insult to the First Amendment.

Pearson is living proof that you can make an impact no matter what your age is. With high school on the horizon, this boy has already done so much and has so much ahead of him. I can only imagine that having connections to a Senator and possible GOP presidential candidates like Ted Cruz is only going to help secure a bright and prosperous future for Pearson.
What Pearson says and does next is anybody’s guess, but I know that, when he does speak his mind again, I will be watching with curiosity and respect.

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