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Red Hawk Central is Here

by Chantel Diaz

The Office of the Registrar, Student Accounts and Financial Aid have been relocated. Red Hawk Central is now open in Lot 7, located next to the Panzer Athletic Center. According to the Montclair State University website, the building provides coordinated support services for students all in one place.

Montclair State officials seem to have turned around the inconvenience of College Hall’s renovation and made it into a perfect opportunity to test out a new idea. In doing so, the school has mitigated some of the panic and stress that came with the transition. Some students are receiving the new integration of the offices well.

“I think that the result of us being able to integrate everybody here is that we didn’t need to scatter students and have them spend the business of being a student running around campus,” said Tara Morlando Zurlo, the director of Red Hawk Central.

Despite the offices being located in one building, students had their differences with College Hall. There was the constant running up and down the stairs, which made getting one question answered a workout.

Now, the offices are not only located in the same building but also on the same floor. There is one desk that helps with all of the students’ accounts and other smaller offices in the hallway. The new layout takes the workout and the guesswork out of getting assistance. It also makes the transition onto campus much easier for freshmen and transfer students.

“Technically the services we’re doing, integrated wise, will be permanent but our location won’t be because we’ll be moving back,” Zurio said about the future of Red Hawk Central.

So far, students who have gotten to experience Red Hawk Central are happy with the facility. However, there are still students who are not sure of its purpose or what it does, even with the school emails. At this point, it should be up to students to reach out to each other and inform each other about the new change. Red Hawk Central will be an important part of campus life, and hopefully will lead to more effective and efficient changes on campus in the future.

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