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Sarah Palin Can See Trump Towers From Her House

by Montclarion Opinion

Could the personal vendetta of a former Alaskan governor help Donald Trump on his quest to the White House?

Just this week, Trump’s presidential campaign found a new supporter when Sarah Palin officially declared her support for the controversial candidate. The former governor of Alaska made her announcement on Tuesday, Jan. 19, when she was on stage with Trump at a campaign event in Iowa.

What makes Palin’s supporting of Trump significant is that the Iowa Caucuses are going to occur on Feb. 1. The Iowa Caucus is the first opportunity for voters to influence the Republican and Democratic nomination processes. The candidates that receive the most votes usually have an early advantage in the presidential race.

Palin’s speech was as passionate as it was bizarre, with the former governor uttering one- liners like “Heads are spinning. Media heads are spinning,” and “He is from the private sector, not a politician. Can I get a hallelujah?”

Yet, for the two people who are often seen as the circus freaks of the political world, Palin’s endorsement of Trump is not quite as strange as many have made it out to be.

Palin and Trump have had a very supportive relationship since Palin became Senator John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential elections. Over the course of the past seven years, Trump and Palin have made the deep respect they share for one another well known to the media.

In an ironic twist, Palin actually defended Trump when he essentially insulted McCain’s service in the Vietnam War. She wrote to CNN back in July that both men were heroes in their own manner and needed to overcome their differences to unite against the Democratic party.

The point of all this is the fact that the two politicians’ friendly alliance is motivated by their common desire to bring the Democratic party down.

Both Trump and Palin have made it clear that they fear the United States has become a weaker country under the guidance of President Barack Obama. During his campaign, Trump has made no secret of his disdain for Obama’s healthcare plan, going so far as to call it a “disaster” on 60 Minutes.

In the past few years, Palin has demanded that Obama be impeached for political policies and decisions that he has made during his presidency. When interviewed by Fox News in 2014, Palin stated that she felt she owed America a global apology for failing to help McCain win the 2008 election. She continued by slamming Obama for not taking ISIS seriously enough.

One day prior to her endorsement, Palin made an inexcusably ridiculous statement in which she pinned the blame for the arrest of her eldest son and war veteran, Track, on Obama’s inability to take care of soldiers returning home from war.

When talking about the matter to the press the following day, Palin stated the incident was caused by her son not being given the help he needed because the country does not have a president in charge who actually respects and honors soldiers.

Palin’s attempt to twist this incident for the purpose of purporting her own personal agenda against Obama showcases a true lack of character and personal responsibility on her part.
When it comes to Palin and Trump, it seems like they are more determined to put an end to Democratic rule than to try to find a feasible solution to many of the problems going on in the United States right now. Their common goal has brought them together to the point where Palin is now going to help Trump on the campaign trail.

Whether this helps or hurts has yet to be seen, but this duo’s misguided desire to advance their own agendas at the expense of trying to lead the free world cannot create a stronger country.

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