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Time to Revert Thanksgiving Back to its Original Non-Shopping Purpose

by Purnasree Saha

Thanksgiving is known to be a traditional holiday where you gather with your family and have a feast. This holiday is celebrated once a year and is meant to bring all family members together and have a good harvest, typically hosted in someone’s home.

Just like many other American holidays, most restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving. If food establishments are closed, then retail stores should also remain closed in the evening.

Shopping malls and most retail stores should start having their Black Friday sales a day before Thanksgiving. When I went to JCPenny three years ago on Thanksgiving night, the line was out the door before the store even opened. Most of the customers were at JCPenny because they wanted to earn $10 for free.

Unlike most Americans during this shopping spree, associates who work at retail stores on Thanksgiving night do not get to spend time with their family. Having dinner with relatives is more important than working on Thanksgiving night.

The day after Thanksgiving, many associates work early in the morning since it is Black Friday weekend, and many of them can’t take off from work for Black Friday. I have been working as a part-time sales associate at Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) for more than two years. This year will be the second time that we are opening on Thanksgiving night, and I will be working.

Last year when I worked on Thanksgiving night, we did not have many sales because the store was empty. I hoped DSW wouldn’t make the same mistake and open on Thanksgiving, but unfortunately, that is not the case.


Thanksgiving celebrates gratitude, happiness, enjoyment of food and thankfulness. Spending time with family by having lunch and dinner and going on a trip is much more enjoyable than having to work retail.

Instead of going to the store to shop on Thanksgiving night, people should find the deals online and order whatever they like; this way people can spend this time with their family instead of focusing on material goods.

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