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Trump vs. Troops: An American Horror Story

by Brian Rooney

President Donald Trump defends military veterans more valiantly than any other United States president that has ever taken office. I proclaim that statement with great passion and sarcasm.

During his presidential campaign in 2015, Trump claimed that Arizona Senator and former Republican presidential candidate John McCain, because he was captured, should not be considered a war hero. Trump recently tweeted his distaste with the killing of Al-Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden, stating the operation should have taken place much sooner. During Veterans Day weekend, Trump skipped a World War I remembrance ceremony because of the rain.

Now, these offenses may seem minor, but imagine the outcry that would take place if they had occurred in the Barack Obama White House. I believe it would not be unlike that scene in “Mean Girls” when Regina George found out Kalteen bars actually make you gain weight. That movie works on so many levels.

However, Trump has the letter “R” next to his name on election ballots so conservatives turn a blind eye. These are the same people who brought new meaning to the word “snowflake” over a joke Pete Davidson told on “Saturday Night Live” at the expense of Congressman-elect and veteran Dan Crenshaw.

These are the same people who, in 2014, attacked Obama because he saluted the Marines guarding his helicopter with the same hand in which he was holding a cup of coffee. Now, Trump discredits the military service of a U.S. Senator because he was held in captivity, and now the “coffee cup cops” is the name of my band. Sorry, silent. I meant they are silent.

What has President Trump done exactly to warrant this kind of blind support from the military community other than not being Hillary Clinton? Trump falsely claimed he had bone spurs and dodged the military draft during the Vietnam era. His fortune he has bragged so bashfully about was built on the hard work of his self-made billionaire father, Fred Trump.

Now, he continues his disrespect of American military service people by not attending a ceremony because of a light drizzle that was nothing his trusty hairspray could not stop. Trump’s weather-induced absence makes his claims of willingly entering an active shooting scene even more laughable. Trump claiming he could stop an active shooter would be more surprising than when Neville Longbottom killed Lord Voldemort. J.K. Rowling really showed no mercy with that last name, did she? Poor kid never stood a chance.

I realize supporters of the president have overlooked quite a few flaws along his political career. However, continuing to back a person who discredits the military service of prisoners of war and then boycotts the NFL because a player attempted to shine a light on social injustice makes about as much sense as Sam’s Place receiving a 5-star review by Ego the food critique from “Ratatouille.”


This satirical piece is written by Brian Rooney, a comedy writer for The Montclarion.

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