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Wanted: Bagels at Montclair State

by Sunah Choudhry

As every New Jerseyan prepares for their early morning commute, there is one question that pops into everyone’s head. “What am I going to eat for breakfast?” Whether you are from New Jersey or not, you learn that the bagel is a staple to our breakfast here in the Garden State. This leads me to wonder why Montclair State University does not have a bagel place that carries Jersey’s famous bagels?

As someone who was born and raised in New Jersey, you start to learn what the staple foods are and which part of Jersey is known for which food. Of course there is the ever-famous debate of Pork Roll or Taylor Ham and which pizza place is the best in Northern Jersey. But the one type of food that we do not have an authentic version of on campus (ever since the loss of Einstein Bros. Bagels due to the construction of College Hall) that really triggers me is that we do not have quality bagels.

Being a commuter that regretfully registered for 8:30 a.m. classes, I struggle to find time to even get up and find something to eat that does not make me gag or throw up. On some days it becomes harder to eat a full-balanced meal in the morning, which makes it difficult to lay out my options on what to eat. Knowing that I have to drive a car on campus forces me to eat something in order to function.

When deciding on what to buy for breakfast on campus, it also becomes a stretch because there are only a few places I can decide from that carry breakfast foods. I can either go to Dunkin’ Donuts, Au Bon Pain or the dining halls on campus. These places are either corporate companies or the same food you receive every day here at the university.

When eating a bagel from a corporation such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Au Bon Pain or even Starbucks, you do not get the same quality of bagel. The bagel that comes from corporate businesses tends to be firm, stiff and most likely have the same consistency as plastic or cardboard.

On the other hand, when you bite into a Jersey fresh bagel that was prepared at 4 a.m., now that is a different story. The bagel’s texture tends to be soft, mouthwatering and light all at the same time. You can actually see and taste the salt on the everything bagel, and it actually tastes like real food.

When walking up the steep steps of Car Parc, every student notices the food trucks that sit near Red Hawk Diner, which are named the Shawrma Spot and Red Hawk Express. As days pass, I notice that not many people visit the food trucks that supply Mediterranean food or carnival foods, such as funnel cake or fries in brown paper bags. Instead of not gaining any revenue from the food trucks, why not still keep the truck and transform it into a Jersey bagel truck?

Montclair State students would receive quality bagels along with the extra layer of convenience of them being on campus. The university could also profit from the new business venture.

There could be the possibility of a partnership between a local bagel shop in the town of Montclair where the university could connect more with local businesses in town. This could make students explore downtown Montclair, which the town could profit from as well. As Montclair State is the second largest New Jersey state college, they could benefit both financially and receive great student reactions by adding a proper bagel business.

With endless positive opportunities for the start of an authentic New Jersey bagel truck, why not start now?

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