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Ways to Relieve Those Wishy-Washy Feelings About Laundry

by Madison Tavera

As a resident of Machuga Heights on campus, I can speak from experience that the laundry rooms are not always in the best condition.

Some common issues that have occurred since the start of the semester are dryer sheets all over the floor, full lint trays and washing machine doors left shut which causes mildew smells.


Doing laundry is not a task I enjoy doing in my free time. However, doing it in a place that is clean and well organized makes the chore more tolerable. The janitorial staff at Machuga Heights is responsible for the upkeep of these facilities, but that does not give students an excuse to leave their trash behind for someone else to clean up.

I have seen students leave their belongings on the tabletops in the back corners of the laundry rooms. This can lead to items going missing, as others may look through their piles and steal articles of clothing that do not belong to them.

Students should also remember to set timers for each load of laundry to alert them of when the cycle is complete. This will speed up the overall process for all students because it will allow unused washers to be open sooner and will allow other students to complete their laundry in a timely manner.

I am the type of person that will clean up after others just to make the setting more enjoyable.

The laundry rooms at Machuga Heights do not cost anything which saves students from feeling frustrated about cost and allows them to do as many loads of laundry as they wish.

Below is a list of simple etiquette techniques that students should start practicing to improve the overall laundry process.

Rebecca Serviss 4.jpg

Rebecca Serviss | The Montclarion

These are just some things that you can do to benefit the overall feel of the laundry facilities. I for one have seen some weird things in the laundry rooms including orange peels on the floor, glitter in the dryers and headphones in the washers.

Laundry isn’t rocket science but it also isn’t everyone’s favorite thing. Take a load off from your stressful school schedule and try implementing these tips into your laundry routines to avoid those stereotypical wishy-washy feelings about laundry.

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