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What You Should Know Before You Vow to Vape

by Trinity Corney

Seven people have died in the United States as a result of an e-cigarette culture pandemic. Now states are starting to take action and ban the sale of flavored electronic smoking devices.
Chanila German | The Montclarion

The rapid pace of technology has changed the way people are smoking forever. Some millennials view old-fashioned tobacco cigarettes as perilous, and the cause of lung cancer. Vaping, or electronic cigarettes, just require oil.

As a result, the interest in vaping and vaping pens has increased significantly. Many college students and teenagers have made it a popular trend, using oils that includes flavors like cotton candy, strawberry kiwi, mint n’ cookies or mango swirl. Some of these oils could also include THC or CBD in them.

My older sister is the owner of Terapia Intuitiva, a dispensary based in Puerto Rico, so I have an understanding of how it operates.

Last week, New York became the second state behind Michigan to officially ban flavored e-cigarettes or cartridges as an emergency action, due to the surge of vaping-related illnesses and seven known deaths. The most recent death took place in California, and New Jersey is now also considering a total ban on all e-cigarettes.

In response to bans, vaping dispensaries have been quick to respond.

Instead of a total ban, I would advise individuals to stop buying oils from unofficial sellers and purchase only from a dispensary.

Too many people depend on a dealer for oils instead of going directly to the source. You cannot trust what a “street salesman” is giving to you because the amount of THC in milligrams could be wrong or the product might include an entirely new substance not safe to consume.

Each product utilized in a dispensary goes through an extensive evaluation and testing before customers can consume it.

Although going directly to the source is more expensive, remember you are paying for quality, not quantity. When you buy these products from an unknown seller, you could be putting your life at risk trying to get deals on cartridges.

I think the government should crackdown on illegal black market selling of oil products by setting a quality standard or rules and regulations. As a result of this action, people would be forced to buy directly from dispensaries and promote their practices.

I do not believe officials should outlaw vaping when it has benefits for different types of individuals dealing with anxiety, muscle pains or chronic illnesses that become therapeutic along with other treatments. Others may just want to avoid the tar from tobacco cigarettes.

If anyone is interested in vaping or e-cigarettes then I would advise them to do their research and educate themselves on the differences between THC and CBD, and figure out how much is safe for your body to consume. There are obvious differences between a half and a whole gram of these substances and it is a good idea to look up local dispensaries and what they offer. Before vaping, read the measurements on the label and learn how that affects your body.

Do not use something before educating yourself in every aspect. Your friends could be offering false information on the effects or consumption. Most importantly: If you do not like it, or how it makes you feel, do not use it at all.


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