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Why so Wild: Spring Break in Miami

by Kalifah Foster

Spring break in Miami, Florida happens to be one of the most visited places for many college students across the country, according to most of my timelines on social media. I’ve seen so many different posts and videos from Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram of the shenanigans and outrageous activities that are going on in Miami.

I’m all for good fun and doing whatever you want in order to have a good time, but there should be a limit to what you do. Miami should not erase your limitations and morals because of warm weather.

Yes, Miami is a beautiful place and a popular destination. It’s a warm, affordable vacation. Even though Miami is very appealing, it almost seems like people have lost their minds and forgotten that this break isn’t a forever thing. Maybe that’s why people are going super hard on the partying and bad choices; they can live their best lives and go back to their normal lives without any repercussions.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t excuse making bad choices. You can’t always be safe in the social media era. This era involves people taking Instagram videos or Snapchat videos without consent and posting them however they please. In this era, your location can be disclosed to everyone and it doesn’t take long for people to stalk and harass you because of what you put on social media.

It’s not news that people like to party and have fun. It’s also not a secret that people engage in sexual activity and occasionally recreational drugs. However, the decisions you make shouldn’t take you out of your character and morals. I feel like it gets worse every year, and it seems like people are determined to one-up whatever happened in the previous years.

I don’t think people realize the dangers of what’s happening during spring break in places like Miami. Sexual assault does happen, and people tend to forget this or avoid this topic. There are plenty of videos of consensual sexual activity going on, but people focus more on those videos rather than the countless videos of women being taunted and groped without consent. I just think that people should be more aware of the sexual misconduct that’s taking place, and make an effort to put a stop to it.

Spring break in Miami really opened my eyes to how people lose themselves just for a week in order to fulfill their vacation checklist. People act before they think. With smartphones, it’s very hard to not have these actions documented. I just want people to understand that there is no need to raise the bar of craziness and partying too high just because it’s hot and there’s a nearby beach.

Nonetheless, a break is a break and should be treated as such. It’s a time for students to unwind from school and the stress going on in their lives. The fun comes in all different forms, and there are lines that people will cross. Enjoy yourself and take the time to let loose, but always keep your limits and boundaries in mind.

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