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Why Valentine’s Day is Overrated

by Babee Garcia
Teddy Bears take up room at ACME market in Montclair as well. Photo by Babee Garcia Photo credit: Babee Garcia

Teddy Bears take up room at ACME market in Montclair as well.
Photo by Babee Garcia Photo credit: Babee Garcia

Assorted candies, flowers, balloons, candles and giant teddy bears galore. Heartfelt greeting cards taking space at a store. Awaiting to be purchased for the one a person adores. But is this Valentine’s Day craze worth it? We shall explore…

Feb. 14 is supposedly a day for lovers, which leaves single folks at the margins. That’s why single people have considered it “Singles Awareness Day” rather than Valentine’s Day. Some people bitterly complain, some celebrate the romantic occasion with their significant other and some treat it with as much normalcy as any other day.

However, this holiday is a scam! It is a way to take every penny from your pocket, especially those who buy engagement or promise rings for their partner. It is a day when people who aren’t in intimate relationships feel unloved. It is a phenomenon where some couples feel obligated to show their love for that one particular day instead of all the other days in a year.

The more we celebrate Valentine’s Day, the more broke we become. This includes men as well. Remember all that money you spent on that huge teddy bear for your sweetheart? What are we going to do with that? You should have just bought a pizza.

Women are no different though. Women have to compete twice as hard to find a creative and surprising way to please our partners, which can get pricey too.

Single fellas and ladies: do not feel depressed or undervalued because someone did not steal your heart. If the only man who gives you flowers for the past 20-something years (like me) is your father, be happy. Love will come to you in time, so please do not rush it.

Someone will spoil you rotten with all the hugs, kisses, gifts, time, love and energy you deserve. When you do feel down, seeing other people holding hands or smitten like Noah and Allie from “The Notebook,” know that your turn will come not just for this one specific day, but every day.

I always felt jealous of people showering their significant others with things on Valentine’s Day. In middle school, there used to be this carnation sale for a dollar each. This one girl in the class got a whole bouquet from different guys, kind of like a “Mean Girls” moment where Damien gave Cadey a candy cane from Regina George. I was Gretchen Wieners in middle and high school, without a candy cane, or in this case, a carnation.

Fast forward to when I was twenty years old, and my husband came into my life. We were two military service members training in the woods. He tried his best to grab my attention, being the Dominican Casanova that he is. Passing love notes, gossiping about me to his guy friends, comforting me on those long tiresome hikes. Eventually, I fell for his Rico Suave charm and we found interesting ways to keep the fire ignited within our marriage regardless of the time of year.

I do not necessarily hate Valentine’s Day, but I do think that many people get so worked up over it. It’s great that people do treat it as big as Christmas or maybe a birthday. The whole point of this spiel though is to not become too consumed with this day, as you have plenty of other days to show love, both to that special individual who lightens up your life and to yourself.

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