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OPINION: With Apologies To Kellyanne Conway

by Nicholas Da Silva
Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Wherever a person goes, you always see someone having to do the job of cleaning up that certain place or that certain area. This is because when people make a mess, it is the job of a select few to clean up after the mess that the majority makes. When you are a member of the administration of one of the most divisive presidents in history, it is all but guaranteed that you will have a lot of big messes to clean up.

Such has been the case for Kellyanne Conway ever since she aligned with President Donald Trump back in the summer. The campaign manager turned senior adviser to the president has had to face a variety of battles in the past few months trying to defend things that her boss has done. Whether it was defending Trump’s lewd comments on a 2005 recording or his criticisms of the CIA, being the person that has to stick up for an embattled leader has proven to be an imposing challenge for Conway. In particular, the past week has seen Conway taking on a variety of controversies regarding Trump at the same time.

It began earlier in the week when Conway went on CNN for an interview with Jake Tapper. The purpose of the interview was to clear up some of the controversial statements made by Trump regarding the media and Russia. Conway was once again put in the tough position of attempting to justify some of the foolish decisions and statements that the president has made.

Tapper hammered Conway over and over again on things that Trump has said and done in the weeks since his being elected. Conway calmly tried to respond to Tapper’s questions, but even she appeared to have a hard time trying to find excuses for her leader’s follies.

It gets to a point where you feel bad for the woman because she is simply trying to do her job. Conway was hired by Trump to advise him and essentially to be his publicist. If she does not do her job and defend Trump on the things he says, it would be an indictment on her qualifications and not necessarily Trump.

Trump is hated by a lot of the public, and they will target anyone who works with or is affiliated with him. All of those people have to face backlash from the public because of the mistakes that Trump has made since moving into the White House. The people around Trump end up taking the responsibility when he puts his foot in his mouth or screws up.

When Trump failed to acknowledge the tragic shooting at a Mosque in Quebec, it was up to Conway to make some sort of excuse for him. Tapper called Conway out on this in the interview, and her claim was that Trump does not tweet about everything that happens in the world. Trump has time to tweet criticisms to Nordstrom for dropping the clothing/accessory lines of his daughter Ivanka, but no time to tweet condolences regarding a tragic situation.

Things got even worse a few days after the Tapper interview when Conway was trying to support her boss by promoting Ivanka’s products during an interview with Fox News. The day after that interview, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that Conway was “counseled” for her actions. As what happened in the Tapper interview, Conway was left to take the heat for the controversy that Trump created.

It is impossible to defend some of the things that Trump says and does, but Conway has no choice but to defend the man who hired her for the job.

We all know that Trump lacks any sort of humility and will never admit to doing something wrong, but you would think that he would try to better himself for the purpose of helping the people around him.

Since Trump refuses to admit his mistakes or learn his lessons, people like Conway will have to continue cleaning up the mess made by the president.

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