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YouTube Opens up Career Possibilities for Creators

by Kalifah Foster

Nearly everyone who has access to the internet has experienced YouTube, usually by watching a video or two. YouTube has become a platform for creators to put themselves out into the world. YouTube is one of the best ways to connect with people through the content that is produced. Many times, videos can procure interest in a topic that had been completely unknown to the general public. Yet YouTube is now more commonly leading to careers for content creators and paving new opportunities in the entertainment industry.

One example of this is King Russell, better known as Kingsley. He got his start on YouTube by just putting up content about his life and his interests, like pop culture and music.

Although his videos were simple, viewers, like myself, looked forward to his videos. People liked what he was putting into the world, so he has continued to gain new subscribers.

Personally, I think he benefited from being real with his audience. He was genuine about what he was saying and doing, and it was entertaining to the people who were keeping up with his videos. He had something in common with people while just being himself.

His YouTube videos helped him move out to Los Angeles, get on red carpets of award shows and meet people that he is a huge fan of. He got to collaborate with companies and entertainment outlets, which are opportunities that helped him make a name for himself in a field that he admired—all because he put up videos every week of what he was interested in and what others may have been interested in.

There are so many different people on YouTube that do makeup, DIY, reaction videos, fun challenges or daily vlogs that people can connect to and enjoy. There is an influx of these people.

Another YouTube creator, Zachary Campbell, who does reaction videos of artists by the viewers choice, is continuing to test the limits of a career with YouTube.

Eventually, Beyoncé and her team showed his videos and they reached out to him to use one of his videos for her Formation World Tour.

That’s amazing. It just makes you believe that anything is possible on this website.

I doubt that these YouTubers thought they would have been able to use this platform to change their lives, but they have. The power of the internet can be scary and unpredictable, but I do believe that power can be used for a greater good. It can make a person a self-made star and it’s all in that person’s control. I hope YouTube stays for a long time and continues to keep dreams alive.

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