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New York Giants Get Crucial First Win

by Montclarion Sports
The New York Giants will continue their season against the Buffalo Bills on Oct. 4. Photo courtesy of Ted Kerwin (Flickr).

The New York Giants will continue their season against the Buffalo Bills on Oct. 4.
Photo courtesy of Ted Kerwin (Flickr).

Time management seems like it has been the biggest flaw for the New York Giants so far in this 2015-2016 season. The Giants were coming off two poor losses and were hoping they could pull off a much-needed win to keep their playoff chances alive. Their game was held this past Thursday night at MetLife stadium against their rival, the Washington Redskins. To open up the season 0-3 would nearly eliminate their playoff chances, as there have been 45 teams who have started 0-3 since 2009 and only two have made the playoffs. Starting off winless for the first three games would give the Giants a 4 percent chance to make the playoffs this season.
In the first two games of the season, the Giants lost within the last two minutes of the game in competitive situations. However, this week they came in with new motivation and a new mindset to win, which paid off in the end with a much-needed victory.
Lately the coaches of the Giants have made poor play selections and called upon the wrong players at critical situations. The team looked inconsistent and didn’t communicate as well as they should have during the previous couple  of weeks. Eli Manning and the offense didn’t seem to be on the same page, which resulted in disappointing drives in addition to poor execution when it mattered most.
The Giants have had many opportunities to score touchdowns, but the end result was a turnover, punt or sometimes, if they were lucky enough, a field goal. But after this past win, they look like a completely different team: a team with hope, a team with passion and a team driven to win.
The G-men didn’t anticipate starting the year this way, although they are attempting to turn their season around in a “Giant” way.
Throughout this season the Giants have had their moments of success and failure.However, they look to improve going forward. So far, they have been playing well on offense, moving the ball and scoring in games, but their main problem is that they fall apart in the second half, especially in the fourth quarter. In addition, their defense creates turnovers, but constantly gets injured in the process. Sometimes their defense just looks clueless against opposing offense, but they have a new defensive coordinator with some new defensive talent. This combination may take a couple of games to finally click.
It seems like nearly the entire team is injured or not performing at their full potential due to their current health. Health has been a concern and serious problem circulating within the Giants clubhouse since last season, but this year it has been escalating to a new level. Hopefully, they can heal quickly so that their season doesn’t slip away. If they don’t heal from their injuries, then their season will be in jeopardy and the playoffs will be out of the question.
Something needs to be done in order to bring some optimism and life back into the locker room. The general manager chose to make a bold move releasing wide receiver Preston Parker after his poor performance in games this season. The team immediately signed defensive tackle Kenrick Ellis to help assist the defensive front and create pressure against opposing quarterbacks. Plus, they are holding workout sessions for wide receivers such as Super Bowl Champion and veteran Wes Welker, in addition to former New York Giant Hakeem Nicks and tight end Chris Cooley.
No one knows if they will be signed to a deal or if they will make the roster, but the purpose is to provide a different showing on the practice field. The general manager wants to see if these offensive veterans are still valuable assets or if their careers have hit their downfalls.
Tom Coughlin enjoys seeing change and establishing competition on the field for his starters to duel it out. This might be what the Giants were looking for because they want to add depth to their wide receiver spots with Victor Cruz, who is reported to be making his debut this upcoming week.
This week, the Giants will be playing a tough contender in Buffalo, N.Y. against the Buffalo Bills. This game will set the tone for both teams in their divisions due to their records. The Bills have been playing incredibly well up to this point with a fast powered defense that forces many turnovers. Additionally, they have Tyrod Taylor in the quarterback position who scrambles and gets big gains in necessary situations. With McCoy in the back field and Rex Ryan leading the way, this will be a tight and intense game. Overall, this will be a great matchup that you do not want to miss.

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