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Meet The Red Hawk Female Football Player Who Has An Iron Leg

by Corey Annan


DISCLAIMER: The following article is an April Fools’ Day article. Though it may relate to real people or events, it is not factual.

At 6’2, 260 pounds, Samantha “Iron Leg” Nungesser is probably built more like a collegiate offensive lineman than a kicker considering her arms and legs have been compared to tree trunks.

However, these “tree trunk” legs have led scouts to consider her as a first-round pick in the upcoming 2022 NFL draft. The senior journalism major from Ocean Township, New Jersey is looking to become the first female football player to compete in a professional men’s football league.

“It’s been a dream of mine to play in the league ever since I got plastic surgery on my body to make myself look like a bodybuilder,” Nungesser said. “Playing at the highest level gives me the chance to show off my god-given talent and make a ton of money.”

Despite receiving multiple Division I offers, Nungesser was deemed ineligible to compete at that level due to getting suspended for stealing students’ lunch money. After that, the only schools that would contact her were Division III institutions.


“I chose Montclair State because I wanted to stay close to home,” Nungesser said. “Plus I heard they had an amazing journalism program, which is my backup plan just in case I don’t become the greatest NFL kicker of all time.”

Certainly, Nungesser will be a highly touted pick after compiling one of the greatest seasons by a kicker in Red Hawk history. She smashed numerous program and national records as a Red Hawk, including field goals made in a game (7), field goals made in a season (30) and field goals made (79).

“Being the first girl kicker to start at Montclair State is such an honor, but honestly, I expected myself to have this level of success,” Nungesser said. “My plastic surgeon told me that my iron leg would take me far in life, and here I am as a woman amongst boys in Division III. It’s a dream come true.”

While “Iron Leg Sammy” may come off as a very stoic figure, teammates and coaches have mentioned that she can get very “vocal” before games.

“We were warming up on the field prior to our conference championship game and I saw Sam screaming the lyrics to ‘Champagne Problems’ by Taylor Swift while stretching,” special teams coordinator Mike Palazzo said. “While this creeped me out at first, she eventually made me listen to the whole ‘Evermore’ album and it made me a Swiftie. She converted seven 80-yard field goals that day.”

With all of the illustrious moments Nungesser has had in her football career thus far, her favorite memory as a Red Hawk may surprise you.

“My favorite memory was when I got the boys to watch ‘Bridgerton’ and they all cried when Daphne and Simon finally fell in love,” Nungesser said.

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