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Montclair State Student Watches ‘March of the Penguins’ 82 Times

by Zachary Abbruscato

DISCLAIMER: The following article is an April Fools’ Day article. Though it may relate to real people or events, it is not factual.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all have our own favorite movie. But how many times would you watch that movie? Or rather, what would you do for your favorite movie?

Junior Maggie Aube is in love with the film “March of the Penguins.” So much so that she has watched the film 82 times. “82 times?!” you say to yourself in confusion. That sounds impossible, right? Not for Aube.

For those who don’t know, “March of the Penguins” is a nature documentary about filmmaker Luc Jacquet following a herd of Emperor Penguins as they make their treacherous journey across Antarctica. It’s a very emotional tale exploring family values and friendship that can tug at the heartstrings of any viewer. Knowing this, I understood why Aube watched it 82 times, which her detailed explanation also helped me understand.

“Listen I cannot stop thinking about those penguins and their bravery,” Aube said. “Not all heroes wear capes, and that also reigns true for our flightless allies.”

When I asked Aube why 82 times specifically, she said, “That’s just the number I have so far. I’m gonna go crazy-gaga after my 83rd watch though.”

As a theatre studies major at Montclair State, Aube has always prioritized a good work ethic and strong leadership skills, much like the emperor penguins who must lead their herds through the -80 degree Fahrenheit weather in the arctic. I always felt this was the reason Aube was so attached to these penguins. When asked about this, she just told me to “shut up.”

I figured if Aube was going to keep these questions from me, I would ask the people around her to figure out why she adored this movie, let alone enough to watch it 82 times.

Senior communication studies major and long-time friend Tina Petrillo defended Aube.

“I can’t justify her watching the film 82 times considering I haven’t seen it,” Petrillo said. “The fact that she has counted though is concerning, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to stand by my friend and her favorite film.”

To follow up with this, junior theatre studies major Zoe LeRose revealed how far Aube’s attachment to the movie goes.

“She has given names to the penguins as if she knows them,” LeRose said. “One of them I think is Dimitri, the father emperor penguin.”

Aube and her favorite Penguins from the movie.

Aube and her favorite Penguins from the movie.
Hannah Effinger | The Montclarion

While everyone I interviewed had not experienced the film with her, junior family science and human development major Angela Rose Massa has noticed Aube’s mood after watching.

“I, unfortunately, have never had a chance to watch ‘March of the Penguins’ with [Aube],” Massa said. “But one time I hung out with her right after she had finished, [which] I think it was her 44th rewatch, and she was just in such a high, godly place after so recently finishing her favorite film. Like she was floating after watching this movie.”

Some professionals might tell you watching the same thing over and over again might not be the greatest thing for the brain. But that is not going to stop Aube from making 82 viewings 83, which is the next big milestone in her “March of the Penguins” journey.

Senior filmmaking major and ally Vick Gonzalez relates to Aube’s venture.

“I spent all of 2020 watching ‘The Muppet Movie’ 20 times, so I respect her endeavors,” Gonzalez said.

We are all rooting for Aube and her march with the “March of the Penguins.”

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