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‘Irish Wish’ Takes Us On A Journey Of Finding The Romance Within Ourselves

by Kevin Olivieri

Lindsay Lohan’s latest Netflix original reminds us to be careful what we wish for.

In “Irish Wish,” Lohan plays Maddie Kelly, a book editor for famous author Paul Kennedy, played by Alexander Vlahos, who she is secretly in love with. When she finally starts to gain the courage to tell him how she feels at a book launch event, Paul falls for one of Maddie’s best friends, and quickly they decide to get married in Ireland.

Maddie, played by Lohan, in "Irish Wish." Photo courtesy of Netflix

Maddie, played by Lohan, in "Irish Wish." Photo courtesy of Netflix

There is a reason why this movie works, because Lohan is at the center of it. Take away Lohan and the film is not even close to the fun and enjoyable watch that it is. It is a mix of the excitement of still getting used to seeing Lohan starring in films again and a cute romantic story that captivates the audience and makes the film a success. Like the real Lohan, in “Irish Wish” it is easy to find yourself rooting for Maddie. Maddie starts off wanting this guy she thought for so long would be her dream man, someone she wanted to get into a relationship with, and ends up in a completely different mindset by the end of the film.

The film being filmed in Ireland was a big bonus to the story, because seeing the gorgeous landscapes helps to take the audience into the world Maddie is living in. Seeing real life Irish mountains and countryside with beautiful colorful flowers made you want to be there living this fantasy with Lohan.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Maddie and her friends at the book event where Paul and her best friend first meet. Photo courtesy of Netflix

When Maddie is on the phone with her mom, her mom tells her that she needs to start speaking up for herself. Maddie has put her career and herself on the back burner so that her crush can achieve success, and letting him walk all over her. Since her love for him is so wide, she looks past all those things and still wishes to get married to him. It is not until Maddie gets her wish after wishing on a magical rock visited by Saint Brigid, that Maddie realizes that maybe he is not the one she is meant to be with after all.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Lindsay Lohan in "Irish Wish." Photo courtesy of Netflix

Like this bright and happy film, it is so nice to see Lohan be able to be back in the spotlight and living her best life. Seeing Lohan’s natural glow and radiance in the film helps her acting shine. Something Lohan does so well with all her characters is she creates a connection between them and the audience, and her characters easily become comforting and a sort of comfort character.

The ensemble cast does a fine job, specifically the chemistry between Lohan and Ed Speelers, who plays James Thomas, one of her love interests, really works and it feels most natural when both of them are on screen together.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Maddie caught between her two love interests, Jame and Paul. Photo courtesy of Netflix

During my first watch of the film, I could not help but notice the smile I had on my face while watching. I think the whole ambiance around the film, the gorgeous Ireland landscapes, the bright colors, watching on the weekend of Saint Patrick’s Day, it all worked out smoothly and created a lovely viewing experience.

The romantic comedy genre was a smart one to start the Lohan comeback. Films like these help to show the range Lohan can do and reminds everyone why we fell in love with her in the first place. Her comedic timing, physical comedy, vulnerability and chemistry with her fellow actors is still just as great as it was all those years ago.

I liked how the film does not immediately go toward throwing Maddie into another relationship when she realizes the one she thought she wanted does not work out. Even though we get to see another love interest for Maddie, the real love is the confidence she finds for herself. By the end of the film, you see how Maddie has realized her self worth and will not let anyone stop her or get in her way anymore. Since she now sees herself in this new light, it creates the potential for her to be ready to find someone she might really love.

Maddie, played by Lindsay Lohan, making her wish to marry Paul. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Maddie, played by Lindsay Lohan, making her wish to marry Paul. Photo courtesy of Netflix

The film shows us how we might not always like what we think we want. What we think we need or the person we think we should be, is not always what is right. Maddie got the wish she thought she wanted so badly but quickly saw that there is a reason why it was not working out before her wish. Maddie putting herself second and Paul first for so long is a naive way of crushing on someone but it’s relatable, we have all had moments where we thought we would do anything for someone that we are crushing on to like us back.

“Irish Wish” is another amusing and enjoyable addition to the new Lindsay Lohan cinematic universe, something that you can rewatch over and over again or just have in the background for a quick and easy laugh, and sometimes that is all we really want.

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