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Lost in Construction

by Peter Guziejewski

You started building a wall

Blindsided by the sounds of construction, I protested.

It was going block the prettiest of views;

A nice sunset, a beautiful hiking trail, a lovely place to stop and watch the stars at night.

I accused you, feeling upset about losing what was once so important to me.

But then I stopped.

I realized you were merely a construction worker following instructions,

despite those instructions coming from your own mind,

They were still too intricate to fully articulate, too difficult to fully understand,

For you as much as me.

And so the wall between us ended up ruining what we once had.

If only you had shared your thoughts with me earlier,

We could have collaborated to redesign something better.

However, looking at it now,

it seems you were intent on just a wall.

Easy and simple,

Enough to shield yourself from emotions you weren’t able to face.

How could I be expected to comprehend what you couldn’t?

For a while I tried.

I thought I’d have to accept this wall’s presence.

I tried to navigate around it, to find the beauty beyond it,

But once it stood tall, the beauty vanished.

What was the purpose of staying?

Other than to relive the despair of what once was.

So if you ever decide to tear down the wall, you’ll find I’m no longer there.

I left because I’m irritated by thoughtless construction.

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