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University Police Report Instances of Burglary

by Meagan Kane

Montclair State University Police sent out a statement to the community on Tuesday, April 9 regarding instances of burglary on campus. There is an investigation underway.

The unnamed individual, a student, has been identified. They were arrested and later released from custody.

The statement reads, “An initial report of burglary was reported on Sunday, April 7 which led to the arrest of a student. As per current court regulations the student was released from custody. It has since been reported that the student in question has been found continuing to burglarize certain areas where cash operations are occurring or where items of value may be in the open such as unlocked desks. Additional warrants for this student’s arrest have been issued and we have increased patrols of areas that have been targeted.”

Montclair State students shared their reaction to said burglaries.

Lori Kupelian, a senior film and television major, emphasizes her feeling of safety while on campus.

Karsten Englander | The Montclarion

Lori Kupelian, senior film and television major. Karsten Englander | The Montclarion

“I want to feel safe when I’m on campus,” Kupelian said. “So, thinking about students that go here, stealing from places is a little worrisome because there’s times where I’ll leave a bag unattended in a building I feel safe in. But, if there’s people going around stealing things, then that makes me think that it’s not as safe as I think it could be.”

Camila Nunez, a freshman computer science major, first heard of the burglaries through the message from University Police.

Karsten Englander | The Montclarion

Camila Nunez, freshman computer science major. Karsten Englander | The Montclarion

“The first I’ve heard of it was from the email,” Nunez said. “I’m not really concerned, but now that I do know about it it’s kind of like ‘Oh, okay, interesting.’ I think I’ll just keep it in the back of my mind now.”

Nunez shared what she believes should be done to prevent further instances like this from happening.

“I think it’s up to the person to be aware of their things and personal belongings,” Nunez said.

Alex Greaney, a senior film and television major, shared that he ensures he locks his door before leaving, even if it is for a short period of time.

Karsten Englander | The Montclarion

Alex Greaney, senior film and television major. Karsten Englander | The Montclarion

“Well, I’ve always been someone that’s sort of paranoid, so I always keep my door locked when I’m out, even for short periods of time,” Greaney said. “Just hearing all of these stories makes feel a little more justified in keeping it locked, maybe applying a little more security measures that I can. But it’s just insane to me how these burglaries just keep going on.”

University Police also supplied the community with several measures to ensure safety and theft prevention, such as securing all rooms and offices, not storing cash in offices, desks or shared spaces, processes of reporting missing property and more.

The statement reads, “It is our hope that these unfortunate incidents are put to an end but we would be remiss if we did not let you know – we need your help too. We hope that you have a safe journey as we begin to close the semester but want to remind you of our shared responsibilities when it comes to safeguarding our campus.”

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