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Montclair State Sounds Off on Super Bowl 50

by Kevin Saez

Our NFL expert, Daniel Waffenfeld, asked several Montclair State University students whom they thought would win Super Bowl 50, the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos. Here’s what these students had to say.

Photo courtesy of Charles Lyons-Pardue (Flickr)

Photo courtesy of Charles Lyons-Pardue (Flickr)

““It’s reasonable to assume that this will be Manning’s last game, so part of me wants him to get one more ring and go out with a big win. However, a big part of me wants Carolina to win for Newton and his boys to prove they are the real deal and cap the season right. I believe Carolina will win. They’ve got that high-powered offense and their defense has really shown up when it counts. Panthers all the way, baby!”

Robert Barents, Senior

“I want the Broncos to win so Peyton Manning can retire on a winning note. However, I think the Panthers are going to win because I think their combination of offense and defense is superior. I also think the Broncos have an amazing defense, but haven’t had a chance to face a quarterback this mobile before.”

Avidan Rothman, Senior

“I hope the Broncos will win because this is probably going to be Peyton’s last season or one of his last and it will be a nice way to leave the NFL with a Super Bowl victory.”

Alessandra Johnson, Sophomore

“I think the Broncos are going to win because they have too many weapons for the Panthers to defend. Also, with Thomas Davis having a broken arm and possibly having Roman Harper being out, I honestly don’t believe the defense can stick around with a high-powered offense like the Broncos, plus the fact that the Broncos have the number one ranked defense in the league. I think they can contain Cam Newton.”

Julian Smith, Senior

“I hope the Broncos will win so that Peyton can retire on a good note. However, I think they’re going to choke like they did a few years ago when they played the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII.”

Alexis Karpf, Freshman

“I have a lot of respect for Peyton Manning. I think he’s an excellent player and I’m really hoping the Broncos will pull off this win. No matter what happens, though, I’m hoping for a good game. Both teams deserve to be here.”

Justin Mathai, Sophomore

“I want the Broncos to win, but Cam really deserves this opportunity. I don’t think Denver will play well against Carolina. I’m looking forward to being able to watch the game with my friends and see these two teams in action.”

Chris Clement, Junior

“I think the Broncos have their work cut out for them. Cam Newton is not a quarterback that can be easily stopped. If they can contain Newton and Manning is on his A-game, then I believe Manning will walk out as a champion once again.”

Amanda Lombardi, Freshman

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