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Women’s Club Soccer: A Unit

by Montclarion Sports
The club soccer team will take the field again on Oct. 15. Photo Credit: Daniel Waffenfeld.

The club soccer team last took the field on Oct. 15.
Photo Credit: Daniel Waffenfeld.

The Montclair State University women’s club soccer team just started their season and are hopeful for another great year together. The team has a 2-2-2 record this season.

The women have a lot of heart, unity and focus to be the best they can possibly be in each and every game. The team was established in 2012 with the intention for those individuals who are passionate about soccer to play as much as they can.

This year’s team has a different motivation and energy that has been inspiring to their new teammates. The returning juniors and seniors have been excellent role models and help create a special bond between the team.

Montclair State’s varsity teams are much different than their club sports programs. The varsity teams are official school teams which participate in Division III competitions. Varsity athletics are coordinated directly through the school and involve more traveling for games, more intense opponents and are meant to sustain a potential opportunity for college athletes to continue playing their sport professionally.

“The club team is designed for players who love soccer but don’t want to compete at the varsity level. We still travel like the varsity team to schools like Rider, Rowan, Monmouth and Rutgers,” club president, Tori Davey said.

Davey is a senior in her fourth year with the team. With Davey’s experience leading the way, the team looks like they are really coming together this year with strength, agility, endurance and teamwork. The chemistry of the team really adds to the dynamic as well.

“We aren’t just teammates, but we’re also friends,” Davey said. “We do so much together whether it’s soccer related or school related, we have always created a comfortable environment where friendships are constantly made.”
It doesn’t matter whether a player is new to the team or returning, because everyone looks out for one another and has grown to consider their teammates as part of their family.

“The team tries to have as many team bonding activities so everyone can learn more about each other on a personal basis and not just soccer-related,” junior Rachel Belsky said. “The objective is to spend time together and grow as a unit so on and off the field the team unity will carry along with us.”

The intention of the team spending time with one another is also to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses on the field so everyone can understand one another’s playing style. Together, this team has developed each week to become a talented cohesive unit.

“The team continues to grow and throughout the season all of us are noticing the improvements being executed,” Belsky said. “Our true potential will be shown each game.”

Each game has either been a blowout win or an incredibly-close game, which is why the team has proven to be a strong competitor this year. Each day, someone rises above the rest, which motivates others to increase their level of play.

The team established many goals before the season, which they’re hoping to accomplish. Together they have supported one another and all have the same motivation to reach their full potential and be the best team around.

“Our goal since my freshman year has been making nationals, but it’s a long journey ahead,” junior Kristy LeVan said. “The women’s club team has never made it before, and we’re hoping to be the first one this year with a breakout season.”

All the girls have been extremely motivated this season. This year, they have the determination to make their goals a reality.

“The team has shown unity, heart and a passion to put in all effort into practices in addition to games,” LeVan said. “All the practices have been professional and fun because the girls enjoy each other’s company but also have the desire to learn and grow.”

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