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The Kingslayer

by Jay Garcia

I am the exile son, hollow body yet filled with purpose.

Remember me?

Reincarnated to fill the void,

Like gold filling in a broken dish.

The same gold that you wore on your ego-inflated head

You may have made the crown,

But royalty looks better on me.

I was a soda can opened for too long

After being with you my entire existence

The life lingered til it was lost

For years, I was searching for it,

But life left me so far that I couldn’t find the last traces.

Death captured me and I laughed at its face,

Laughing at the thought of this moment.

The glee I feel, the fizz finally finding its way back inside my corpse.

All those years searching for what was right in front of me.

The king who ruined me.

And now, I ruin the king.

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