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Joe Biden Backs Up NJ Politician in Congress Campaign

by Adrianna Caraballo

Wife, mother, prosecutor and Naval academy graduate Mikie Sherrill is running for Congress with former Vice President Joe Biden at her back.

Both Sherrill and Biden appeared at Montclair State University on Wednesday for her Congress campaign alongside Democratic state chairman John Currie and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.

Currie was the first to speak and described the candidate as a woman who spent her life in public service. Murphy then summarized some of the country’s issues, which included affordable college, health care and equal pay for women. When Biden and Sherrill came to the stage, the crowd erupted in cheers of support.

Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke on behalf of Mikie Sherrill, urging students to vote for her in the upcoming election.
Ben Caplan | The Montclarion Photo credit: Ben Caplan

Sherrill spoke first and began with thanks to Montclair State, the students and the support. She followed with discussing her college experience and the recent death of John McCain, who she referred to as a hero. Sherrill explained that although heroes are beloved and respected, this country was not built on the backs of heroes.

“This country was built by ordinary people,” Sherrill said. These words were emphasized later by Biden who agreed that everyone deserves respect, ordinary people included.

In regards to our current White House staff, Biden did not mince words about the current leadership of the United States.

Attendees of the event had to go through police security before entering the venue.
Ben Caplan | The Montclarion Photo credit: Ben Caplan

“This is not who we are,” Biden said. “We’re in a battle for the soul of America.”

Biden believes that Sherrill is the type of person America needs at the moment.

“The reason I’m here is because Mikie gets it,” Biden said. “We need men and women of character.”

Biden urged the students of Montclair State to do their part for the upcoming election on Nov. 6th.

Montclair State students watch the campaign event through a live stream at the School of Communication and Media.
Ben Caplan | The Montclarion Photo credit: Ben Caplan

“We have to elect Mikie,” Biden said. “Get off your rear end and vote.”


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