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Alex Cooper’s ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast Takes on Mental Health

by Victoria Lodato


College students rely heavily on podcasts to get through the school week. For a commuter, like myself, I’m constantly driving while being connected to CarPlay, listening to “Call Her Daddy,” hosted by none other than our single father, Alex Cooper. It’s a safe space to gain insight and various perspectives.

Cooper’s episodes varied heavily from sex talk to squashing misogyny — until recently. What was once a simple podcast has now evolved into a global movement.

Each Wednesday, she invites a new guest, ranging from celebrities to psychologists, to sit down and dive deep into mental health issues that are super relatable, especially for college students. Additionally, an occasional mini-episode is released on Sundays.

The episodes last roughly 45 minutes to an hour.

Whether it’s about toxic relationships, depression or therapy, nothing is left off the table.

While the title enforces the idea that men are the dominant species, hypothetically speaking, Cooper makes it clear women have the free will to do and say as they please. Our value as women is not emanated based on our performance in the bedroom.

“Daddy Gang,” as she likes to refer to her fans, love the talk of therapy. She even goes as far as discussing details on how to afford it, as well as providing other resources that are accessible for those with and without healthcare.

This is very much appreciated as it’s not always easy for college students to access therapy, especially on campus.

There’s comfort in knowing Cooper’s podcast brings awareness to mental health. Her segment, “Questions of the Week,” allows fans to send in their experiences and struggles.

Listening to other people’s experiences and gaining feedback on how to cope alleviates hopelessness, and it’s a gratifying feeling to hear people successfully overcome their obstacles.

The transition from sex education to mental health also serves as a representation of a women’s journey. Being in college introduces a lot of people to hook-up culture. Oftentimes, we subject ourselves to restrictive norms set by society, resulting in shame and fear.

Instead, Cooper encourages her audience to set their own rules for relationships rather than being forced to fall victim to the patriarchal system.

Alex Cooper and YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain sit down on last week’s episode. Photo Courtesy of Spotify

Alex Cooper and YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain sit down to discuss the struggles of self identity.
Photo Courtesy of Spotify

In this past week’s episode, 20-year-old social media icon Emma Chamberlain expressed her struggle with her own sexual identity. As someone who may struggle with their identity, trauma, relationships — whatever it may be — Cooper’s podcast is definitely the platform to go to for safety, healing and ultimately, free therapy.

What most viewers applaud though is the authenticity behind it all. As a society, our time is consumed by social media: a space that creates a lot of room for comparison and low self-esteem issues due to the photoshopping and editing that we are exposed to.

Cooper speaks the truth behind her photos while reminding her audience that what you see on social media isn’t always transparent. As a young female, it’s comforting to know that even those under the limelight who seem flawless also have insecurities.

Whether you’re a celebrity, a TikTok star or a full-time college student, we all experience some sort of trauma, depression, heartbreak or mental issue. It would be seriously inhumane to say you don’t.

So, plug in those headphones or AirPods and make sure to stream “Call Her Daddy” if you’re going through it this semester, because it will, for sure, make the walk to class a lot less dreadful.

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