Daughtry’s Night to Remember at Montclair’s Wellmont Theater


Published March 14, 2022
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The Montclarion
Chris Daughtry delivers powerful rock vocals for Daughtry's Dearly Beloved Tour. Avery Nixon | The Montclarion

From the quaint but electric Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey comes a rock show to remember for ages.

One of the mid-2000s’ most memorable rock bands, Daughtry, gave Montclair a show anyone would kill to see on March 2.

Fans wait outside the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey for headlining act, Daughtry.

Fans wait outside the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey for the headlining act, Daughtry.
Avery Nixon | The Montclarion

Founded by season five “American Idol” finalist Chris Daughtry, Daughtry is a chart-topping, post-grunge-pop-rock band that has produced smash hits such as “Over You” and “Waiting for Superman.”

Not only did the headliner give an explosive performance, but so did their two openers, LYELL and Tremonti. All three acts had their own unique sound, but the performances blended together beautifully to give us a great show.

Usually, I’m never a fan of the opener acts or feel the need to look into them after the show. However, LYELL made sure none of us were leaving without remembering her set.

LYELL rocks on stage accompanied by her guitarist (left) and drummer (not pictured).

LYELL rocks onstage accompanied by her guitarist (left) and drummer (not pictured).
Avery Nixon | The Montclarion

A natural-born performer and a charming personality are the qualities LYELL has to be a star. She gave us outstanding vocals, a couple of good jokes and a stage presence to bring the house down.

If you’re in need of some new rock music, LYELL has you covered. She currently has only two songs out on Spotify but has new music coming soon like her single “Eraser” and a song that’s going to be featured in a movie.

Daughtry’s second opener, Tremonti, continued the show with a fiery heavy metal set that kept the audience entertained the entire time.

Tremonti, founded by the band Creed’s vocalist and guitarist Mark Tremonti, gave the perfect blend of rock and heavy metal to feed off of the preceding act.

Mark Tremonti, the frontman for Tremonti, opens for Daughtry with his band's heavy metal hits.

Mark Tremonti, the frontman for Tremonti, opens for Daughtry with his band’s heavy metal hits.
Avery Nixon | The Montclarion

Not only did they establish themselves as hardcore, but they also took the time to end their set by giving out setlists, guitar picks and drum sticks to fans in the audience. It’s not mandatory to do so, but when bands give out memorabilia, they make fans feel loved and ecstatic for weeks with the kind gesture.

Truly, Tremonti was fun and a class act. I wasn’t a fan before, but I may be turning quite soon.

Finally, we reach the main attraction, Daughtry.

Electrifying, nostalgic and captivating are all words to describe what the audience saw from the band. With a mix of new music and the classics, the Wellmont Theater was in for a real treat.

Though lead vocalist Chris Daughtry didn’t win or even place in the top three during his time on American Idol, you have probably been graced by his mesmerizing rock vocals.

Daughtry himself is a spectacle in his own because he showcases the power of his voice with the perfect genre to accompany it.

One of the best examples of this is Daughtry’s 2006 hit, “It’s Not Over.”

Even with their newer music, Daughtry proves time and time again they will put you in a trance with their top-tier instrumentals and vocals. “Dearly Beloved,” the title track to their recent 2021 album, was one of the most exciting songs to see live.

Daughtry delivers a captivating performance of their new hits and the classics.

Daughtry delivers a captivating performance of their new hits and the classics.
Avery Nixon | The Montclarion

It’s always nice to see artists not stray from their roots or the genre that made them just to trade it in for cheap, saturated rock-pop music that can never compete with the classics.

Just like the other artists, Daughtry shined both while playing and not playing their music. The lead singer was surprisingly hilarious as he sat alone onstage with dim lighting and just an acoustic guitar.

He sat on a stool and poked fun at how he “used” to get recognized, sadly not anymore he claimed, by his “biggest fans” who only knew the band’s hit song “Home.” So, he treated us to an acoustic version of the song with his angelic voice.

Even funnier, he spent roughly 30 seconds strumming his guitar singing “waiting for more phones,” saying “it’s 2022, I know you have more phones than this,” urging the audience to sway their illuminating flashlights while the ballad was played. It was such a personal and funny moment that really connected the fans to the artist on a deeper level.

Connections were a common theme of the night. Each act made a connection with the audience that only enhanced the experience for the fans. All of the acts were incredibly kind and charming, which made those in the audience feel more appreciated and loved.

Daughtry and their supporting acts gave fans a night to remember for the rest of their lives.

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