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‘New Girl’ Cast Members Reunite for Weekly Rewatch Podcast

by Jenna Sundel

“New Girl” alumni Zooey Deschanel, Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simone are reuniting to produce a weekly rewatch podcast called “Welcome to Our Show.”

The first two episodes were released on Jan. 24, and new episodes are released every Monday.

“New Girl” ran for seven seasons from 2011 to 2018. The sitcom follows a group of hilarious and relatable friends, including Jess (Deschanel), Winston (Morris) and Cece (Simone), through a variety of zany adventures.

Fans of the show will be delighted to know Deschanel, Morris and Simone have remained friends throughout the years, and their chemistry comes across through their witty banter and heartfelt exchanges.

Each episode of the podcast begins with a light, upbeat theme song written and performed by Deschanel. Upon listening to it, fans will immediately be reminded of the show’s original theme song, which was also performed by Deschanel. The tune is nostalgic and sets the tone for the fun that lies ahead.

The style of the show is loosely structured, allowing the hosts plenty of space to see where the conversation takes them. It feels like you’re listening in on a conversation with your friends, which echoes the central message of friendship within “New Girl.”

The hosts talked about the pilot episode on their first podcast. Photo courtesy of Netflix

The hosts talked about the pilot episode on their first podcast.
Photo courtesy of Netflix

The first episode of the podcast, “101: The Pilot,” features tales from the audition process, a look behind the scenes and insider secrets about the making of the pilot episode of the show. Listeners will learn why Morris was not in the pilot, the show Deschanel almost starred on before becoming a part of “New Girl” and how Simone managed to put her own unique spin on Cece’s character.

The end of the episode features a new take on the show’s fictional drinking game, “True American.” The game is known for having vague rules and is chock-full of American history references.

The cast of "New Girl" playing "True American." Photo courtesy of Netflix

The cast of “New Girl” playing “True American.” Photo courtesy of Netflix

This week’s challenge was called “Barack and Michelle‚Äôs Romantic Comedy Date Night,” and the hosts tried to name as many rom-com movies as possible in honor of the pilot’s strong ties to “Dirty Dancing.” It was refreshing to see the cast play “True American” once again, and the theme was on-point.

Episode two of the podcast, “A Conversation with Director Jake Kasdan,” is the perfect complement to the cast’s perspective on the pilot of “New Girl.” The hosts interview Kasdan, who directed the first two episodes of the sitcom, to get a deeper look into the early production and development of the show.

Kasdan commented on the casting process, the renewed interest in the show during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and whether he would direct a reunion in the future. The interview showed how important the collaboration between cast and crew is, and how it all came together in this instance to make “New Girl” magical.

The third episode of the podcast, “102: Kryptonite,” was released on Jan. 31. Deschanel, Morris and Simone share some of their favorite moments and memories from the second episode of the series. Morris discusses his debut on the show, Simone explains why Cece was always wearing heels and Deschanel addresses the rumor that she was kept apart from one of her costars for having too much chemistry.

The hosts discussed the "Kryptonite" episode during the third podcast. Photo courtesy of Netflix

The hosts discussed the “Kryptonite” episode during the third podcast.
Photo courtesy of Netflix

The hosts played “True American” once again in this episode. This week’s theme was “Choose Your Fighter,” and the hosts had to decide which superhero would win in a fight with no powers. While the game was fun and did fit the title of the second episode, it doesn’t really link to the historical theme typically associated with “True American.” However, it’s all worth it to hear Simone argue why she thinks the Care Bears could win in a fight.

Following a strong start, the third episode does not disappoint and may actually even exceed the first two quality-wise. The hosts seem to be reestablishing their natural chemistry and getting more comfortable with the podcasting medium as time goes on.

The three episodes give listeners an idea of what to expect from the podcast: a look back at the show’s iconic episodes, behind-the-scenes secrets and conversations with “New Girl” insiders.

While it is exciting to see three of the show’s original cast members reunite, one can’t help but notice the two who are missing. Hopefully, Jake Johnson, who played Nick, and Max Greenfield, who played Schmidt, will guest star on the podcast at some point, giving fans the full reunion they’ve been waiting for.

“Welcome to Our Show” can be found on Apple Podcasts and iHeart Radio.

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