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The Jonas Brothers Comeback

by Emma Richter

The epitome of boy bands in pop culture today has one expectation: they won’t last. The Police, Queen, The Backstreet Boys, One Direction, the list goes on and on, but one boy band still remains: The Jonas Brothers. Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas have reunited, and the nostalgia of a Jonas Brothers childhood has welcomed itself back into not only my life but the lives of fans all over the world.

Since they announced their hiatus in 2013 when they confirmed their split over “a deep rift in the band over their creative differences,” there had been no trace of the brothers, except in their solo careers following the split. Nevertheless, the brothers returned to the spotlight by dropping their first album in years, “Happiness Begins.”


The Jonas Brothers announced a North American tour in 2019 following the release of their latest album.
Emma Richter | The Montclarion Photo credit: Emma Richter

At the start of the new year, the brothers announced their return, even releasing their first documentary, “Chasing Happiness,” on Amazon Prime Video. With the new album release, the brothers have embarked on their 2019 world tour, spanning across North America.

If you’re a fan like me, then you haven’t stopped following the Jonas Brothers, even after their breakup. It’s clear that the Jonas Brothers aren’t the same teenage boys we remember. As of this year, Joe and Nick Jonas are both married, while Kevin Jonas is married with kids.

Though the dynamic of their lives has changed, their music has remained true. “Happiness Begins” climbed to the top of the Billboard charts at number one, after already dropping two singles, “Sucker” and “Cool.” The announcement of their North American tour was just the icing on the cake.

Jonas Brothers fans didn’t take these concerts lightly, and yes, I was one of them. On Aug. 31, in Hershey Park, I was able to experience the “Happiness Begins” tour. Jordan McGraw and Bebe Rexha opened for them, and they were very good, but I was really only there for my childhood to flash before my eyes all over again. The set list, like any band who drops a new album, consisted of their new hits, but the brothers knew they had to bring us back and play their classics.


The Jonas Brothers performed at Hershey Stadium in Pennsylvania on Aug. 31.
Emma Richter | The Montclarion Photo credit: Emma Richter

They played some of my favorites, such as “Lovebug,” “Burnin’ Up,” and “When You Look Me In The Eyes.” My favorite part of the concert had to be when all three of them came out closer to the crowd and let the audience decide what they should play next. As expected, the crowd began roaring with requests, but the one that really got me was when they played “Gotta Find You,” one of their hit songs from the film “Camp Rock.”

The concert gave me a clear perspective of who the Jonas Brothers are, especially when Joe and Nick Jonas joined each other in each of their hit singles, “Cake By The Ocean” from Joe Jonas’s Band DNCE, and Nick Jonas’s single “Jealous.”

Yes, they had their differences and split up, but they managed to reunite for their loyal fanbase and for themselves as well, with each of the brothers’ journeys converging into one on their way back to the stage. Currently in the middle of their tour, the brothers will soon be wrapping up shows in the United States come February, where they will take on London.

The Jonas Brothers are back, and there is nothing we can do about it except rejoice. Whether you’re that die-hard fan from the very beginning, or even if you’re just jumping on the Jonas Brothers bandwagon now, welcome, and enjoy the ride through the nostalgia of your childhood.



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