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The Which Wich Predicament

by Thomas Neira

The start of a new school year can bring new beginnings. With all the changes that a new school year could bring, it is comforting to know that there are some things you can always count on to stay true and dependable. For me, that was Which Wich in Blanton Hall.

During my first two years at Montclair State University, I grew to love Which Wich sandwiches. Whenever I had a bad or stressful day, I could always count on Which Wich to lift my spirits. A classic Blanton sub had never let me down and I’ve lost count of how many I have had over the past couple of years.


Which Wich in Blanton Hall changed some of their signature sandwiches ahead of the new school term. Brian Rooney | The Montclarion

Imagine my surprise when I walked into Which Wich last week for the first time this year ready for another filling, heartwarming sandwich, and my expectations are met with change. Not just any change, bad change.

I walked into Which Wich only to find that the beloved sandwich bags used to check off my favorite sandwich options have been replaced. To my horror, they are now thick pieces of paper with the options cheaply typed on them as if done by a second grader who just learned how to use Microsoft Word.

I was also upset to learn that they took away the wide array of sandwich options to pick from, limiting my choices to only a few types of meat rather than over 20 different selections.

I decided to go with crispy chicken as my meat, something I do not usually go for, but, I was feeling adventurous. Which Wich decided to change upon us, therefore there must be no rules.

It also hurt to see that the sandwich sizes have decreased. There are only two size options for sandwiches now, regular and large. The large is only 10.5 inches long, merely the size of a regular in previous years.

I know exactly what you’re trying to do, Which Wich. Do not play dumb with me.

I love lettuce in my subs, you know, like a normal human being. So, it was a shock to me when my eyes scanned through the list of toppings for my sandwich and lettuce was nowhere to be found.

Now Which Wich, how could you forget what is arguably the most common sandwich topping of all? I asked the lady at the counter of the whereabouts of the “lettuce” option, and she also seemed befuddled.


She instructed me to just write the word “lettuce” somewhere on the sheet, so I wrote it on the side in big letters with the famous red Which Wich Sharpie. At least their choice of writing utensil hasn’t changed, but I was still annoyed that I had to literally spell out the fact that I wanted lettuce on my sub.

I placed my sheet of paper in the basket that used to hold the famous brown sandwich bags, but now only hold their memory. I received my sandwich and was infuriated to see that it was given to me in one of the sandwich bags I’ve been missing so very dearly.

I brought my lunch back to The Montclarion office and unraveled the sandwich I had been long craving in order to end this nightmare I was living, but unfortunately, the nightmare was far from over.

They put ham in my sandwich when I clearly marked crispy chicken on the paper. I would’ve understood if they had mistakenly given me grilled chicken as opposed to crispy chicken, but they didn’t even bother to get the type of meat right.

Overall, my latest experience in Which Wich was a forgetful one, from the first step I took into the store to the very end of my meal. It is clear there are problems running through the new Which Wich setup, stemming from its change of stationery and ending at its sandwich making. This is not the Which Wich I used to know.

To my fellow students, do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. You all deserve the best of the best, and we deserve the best sandwich shopping experience. Whatever is happening at Which Wich is an insult to the entire student body. If we don’t have a great sandwich to look forward to, what are we left with?

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