Ani Ramen House: A Night in Japan


Published February 13, 2019
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The Montclarion
The special wings are served as an appetizer at Ani Ramen House and come double fried with sake soy glaze. Amanda Alicea | The Montclarion

Ani Ramen House welcomes customers to a relaxed environment that transports them to the bustling streets of Tokyo.

The small noodle shop, located at 401 Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair, has walls plastered with Japanese newspapers and murals that instantly add authenticity to the customers’ dining experience.

Ani Ramen Houser edited.jpg

Ani Ramen House is located at 401 Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair, New Jersey. Amanda Alicea | The Montclarion

The restaurant, which opened five years ago, is a 16-minute drive from Montclair State University and has had great success. The dim lighting and wooden tables that are placed closely together make the space feel cozy. Guests can enjoy their meal while still feeling comfortable.

Mural edited.jpg

Ani Ramen House creates an atmosphere of authenticity with their decor, including a full length mural of a bustling city. Amanda Alicea | The Montclarion

Offering customer favorites like spicy miso ramen, short-ribbed ramen and shoyu ramen, Ani Ramen House has people lining up outside before the restaurant even opens.

When I first arrived, I ordered the special wings which are double-fried, creating a crunchy texture that contrasted very well with the sweet taste of sake soy glaze. The wings were stacked upon one another and topped with a small portion of cabbage, which added to the presentation of the overall appetizer.

I was also given edamame, which are boiled and pan fried with char, then topped off with sea salt and their own handmade chili oil. The smokiness of the char complimented the saltiness very well.

Edamame edited.jpg

Ani Ramen House serves their edamame with sea salt and their own handmade chili oil, which creates a distinct flavor profile. Amanda Alicea | The Montclarion

After the special wings, I proceeded with the ramen. Having never tried ramen, it was recommended that I order the miso ramen, which contains classic chicken broth, miso tare with chashu pork, kakuni, bean sprouts and scallions.

The miso ramen was flavorful yet not too overpowering and the chicken was tender and tasty. The scallions added just the right amount of spice while not overwhelming customers with too much flavor and the bean sprouts brought a different consistency and texture to the ramen.

Miso Ramen edited.jpg

The miso ramen comes highly recommended and contains classic chicken broth, miso tare with chashu pork, kakuni, bean sprouts and scallions. Amanda Alicea | The Montclarion

If you’re looking for something filling and satisfying, Ani Ramen House is the place to be. With an attentive staff, a sultry environment and authentic tasty ramen, you won’t regret making a quick stop at Ani Ramen House.

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