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Emily Pascoe Set to Leave Montclair State

by Montclarion Feature
This is Emily Pascoe’s last semester at Montclair State. Photo credit: Jessica D'Onofrio

This is Emily Pascoe’s last semester at Montclair State.
Photo credit: Jessica D’Onofrio

Emily Pascoe, Fashion Studies and Design professor, is known to her students as the “young” and “cool” professor. Unfortunately, this semester will be Pascoe’s last year at Montclair State.

Fortunately, she will be leaving behind the memories of the lessons she has taught and the motivation that she has pushed with her students.
“She’s awesome. I got to know her this semester and now [while I’m] working for her this year. She’s so nice and she’s very open to helping,” said Sarah Wyat, a student of Pascoe’s.

Before working at Montclair State, Pascoe received her undergraduate degree at the University of Rhode Island where she studied textiles, fashion merchandising and design. She received her master’s at the London College of Fashion, where she studied fashion and the environment. She began working at Montclair State “by chance.”

“I had applied to be an adjunct while I was still completing my master’s. All of their positions were full for the fall,” said Pascoe.

Given this information, former Fashion Studies Director Dr. Linda Reilly offered her a full-time position as a fashion professor in the department. “When I applied [to Montclair State], I was working as a fashion designer,” said Pascoe. “I always wanted to be a professor at some point in time. What else would you do if your dream job came 10 years earlier than expected? You go for it.”

Pascoe has been involved with many of this year’s changes to the fashion studies department, such as the purchasing of brand new sewing machines and other much-needed clothing construction supplies. “[The fashion department] purchased the machines and has been purchasing new equipment to elevate the quality of work being produced in the sewing studio. We also want students to be prepared for the industry,” said Pascoe.

After leaving Montclair State, Pascoe plans to attend Kansas State University to receive her PhD and study the sociocultural aspects and sustainability of design. She will also continue her dream job as a professor by teaching one course a semester at Kansas State. “I certainly didn’t have Kansas on the radar when I finished my undergrad. Let life take you where it will,” said Pascoe.

Though it is unfortunate that Pascoe will no longer be with us at Montclair State after this semester, she isn’t leaving without giving some advice to her students: “Be nice to everyone, especially in the fashion industry — the industry has a reputation for eating you up and spitting you out, but it is changing,” said Pascoe. “It has become more accepting. Don’t proliferate the negative image of being a ‘fashionista.’ Be a nice, hard-working member of a team. You’ll go much further,” said Pascoe.

Her journey at Montclair State has been a great one, showing that age shouldn’t keep one back from fulfilling one’s dreams.

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