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Freshmen Flock to Spring Week Quad BBQ

by Dominique Evans

The Student Center Annex was a ghost town. Its usual group of students who wait around between classes fled to the quad where Student Life at Montclair (SLAM) held its spring week quad BBQ.

Every year, SLAM has spring week, with this year’s theme being “7 Springs” based on the Arianna Grande song, “7 Rings.” During the week-long celebration, SLAM is offering around two events each day that are all based on the song and its lyrics.

Freshman athletic training major Laurel-Anne Mason looks forward to SLAM’s events, as they are a way of meeting other students here at Montclair State University.

The SGA serves food for students.
Adrian Maldonado | The Montclarion

“This is like the most people I’ve met all year,” Mason said.

At the event, students were able to enjoy games and activities, such as an inflatable nuclear obstacle course race, bubble soccer and more, while provided refreshing Dippin’ Dots and cold beverages from a Coca-Cola station to beat the heat. Each winner was given tickets to a raffle for a chance to win prizes and T-shirts.

SLAM’S On-Campus Events Chair Daniela Goncalves, a junior with a family science and human development major with a concentration in family services, helps prepare food for the barbecue.
Rebecca Serviss | The Montclarion

SLAM’s On-Campus Events Chair Daniela Goncalves found creative ways to relate the week’s events to Grande’s hit song.

“Today we had the quad barbecue — [Grande] has the tattoo that says ‘grill,’ so we based it on that,” said Goncalves, a junior family science and human development major with a concentration in family services and a minor in psychology. “There’s just a bunch of food, Dippin’ Dots, we have inflatables and games for everyone to play.”

Rocky the Red Hawk takes a selfie with some students during the barbecue.
Anthony Gabbianelli | The Montclarion

For many who participated in the event, including freshman business administration and marketing major Roseanna Catania, it was the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather.

“It was nice to just sit and talk with people and enjoy the weather,” Catania said. “I really enjoyed the food.”

When asked about future spring week events, Catania said she is planning on going to the carnival and spring formal happening later in the week.

Freshman athletic training major Laurel-Anne Mason slides down the inflatable nuclear obstacle slide. Rebecca Serviss | The Montclarion

While many students plan their week around SLAM’s annual activities, Layail Harsouni, an undeclared sophomore, did not know what the student organization had planned for the day until she stumbled across it, like many others.

“I saw them set up [for the event] before my class,” Harsouni said. “I told my friend to come [with me] after class.”

Students use inflatable balls as bumper cars. Rebecca Serviss | The Montclarion

Though she had no idea that the event was taking place, after seeing all the fun, she decided to participate in the raffle.

Whether through email or on-sight, students enjoyed one of SLAM’s many events scheduled for the week. While pulling off a picturesque event takes a lot of planning, Goncalves and SLAM are up for the challenge twice a day, all week. With so many events, it’s tough to pick a favorite.

“I love everything, I just like seeing people happy,” Goncalves said. “[Putting together the event] outside of the quad, it’s great.

Students jump and dodge in inflatable activities. Adrian Maldonado | The Montclarion

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