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Students Lined Up With Excitement at SLAM’s Spring Week Casino Night

by Rosaria Lo Presti

Lines of students filled up the Student Center Ballroom at Student Life at Montclair’s (SLAM) Casino Night Event this past Monday. The casino night theme was based on Ariana Grande’s song “7 Rings,” with T-shirts provided by SLAM with the song’s lyrics printed on them.

Daniela Goncalves, a member of SLAM, believes that an event like Casino Night could go well with the Ariana Grande song.

“Every year we do week-long events called spring week and there’s always a theme,” Goncalves said. “This year I decided to do something based on the song ‘7 Rings’ by Ariana Grande, called 7 Springs, with her lyrics printed on T-shirts.”

Students place their tickets into the purple bags to win prizes being raffled off.
Rosaria Lo Presti | The Montclarion

In addition to the free T-shirts, gluten-free pizzas were served.

Before students entered the event, SLAM provided them with $500 in fake money which students used to gamble and win prizes.

There were a variety of casino games and tables that were open to families, such as craps, roulette, poker, blackjack and more.

During the games, participants won fake money, which is equivalent to arcade tickets, and entered their tickets into the raffle of their choice of prizes. For anyone who wasn’t familiar with casino games, members of SLAM hired experienced people to teach them how to play the games.

Students participate in one of the casino games available during SLAM’s Casino Night on Monday, April 22.
Rosaria Lo Presti | The Montclarion

Traci-Ann Palmer is a senior justice system major and decided to attend the event due to her interest in learning how to play the games.

“I came because I always wanted to learn how to play casino-like games because my family is into them and I heard they are teaching people here,” Palmer said, while she was sitting at the poker table.

Rocky the Red Hawk participated in the event as well, taking pictures with students, playing games and using the photo booth.

Students are seen spread out in the Student Center Ballrooms during SLAM’s Casino Night, the first event to kick off Spring Week.
Rosaria Lo Presti | The Montclarion

Charito Cintron, a freshman family studies major, attended the event with the goal to win prizes.

“I heard you could win prizes as big as a TV, so I want to play enough games to see if I can win them,” Cintron said.

At the end of the night, members of SLAM chose a ticket from random and called out the number of the student who won the prize.


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