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University Students Play with Tie-Dye in Honor of Bisexuality Day

by Francis Churchill

On Monday, the Student Center Quad hosted an event to celebrate Bisexuality Day where students were able to soak and tie-dye shirts.

Student squirt the liquid dye onto their white shirts to create colorful patterns.
Olivia Kearns | The Montclarion

Juan Rojas, a sophomore filmmaking major and pier facilitator for the office of Social Justice and Diversity, talked about the purpose behind this event.

“The purpose of this event is to spread awareness and love in regards to the bisexual community,” Rojas said. “The community is growing. We are trying to reach other people and help others be more accepting of them.”

Montclair State was ranked the 24th friendliest college to the LGBTQ+ community and people that identify as LGBTQ+.

Students put rubber bands on their shirts to help create the tie dye patterns.
Olivia Kearns | The Montclarion

Sophia Leone, a freshman animation and illustration major, was in attendance at the event and shared why she chose to attend.

A volunteer hands out white shirts during the tie dye event in the student center quad.
Olivia Kearns | The Montclarion

“I came because I’m bisexual myself and I feel incredibly welcomed because of it,” Leone said. “It’s not everyday that a school goes out of its way to include students in a creative manner.”

Montclair State students dye their shirts in the student center quad.
Olivia Kearns | The Montclarion

Skyler LeRose, a freshman majoring in theater, shared her opinion on Montclair State hosting events for bisexuality day.

“The reason I came out to this event is [because] I’m bisexual myself,” LeRose said.”It’s really awesome we have a day where we get to celebrate ourselves at this school especially when other schools don’t.”


Volunteers prepare for a rush of students.
Olivia Kearns | The Montclarion

LeRose shared that would like to see similar events like these in the future.

“I’d want to see more students who are part of the community at tables for people to talk to and how to explain that there’s no longer a reason to come out,” LeRose said.

Participants wear latex gloves to protect their skin from being affected by the dyes.
Olivia Kearns | The Montclarion

According to LeRose there’s a difference between today’s event at Montclair State and the ones they had at her high school.

“There’s several more opportunities at this school to get involved with the community,” LeRose said. “My high school in particular had a club, but we were limited and never had activities like this.”

To get involved in activities relating to the LGBTQ+ community, visit the LGTBQ Center website.

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