Montclair State Ranked in Top 25 Most LGBTQ-Friendly College Campuses in US


Published January 30, 2019
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The Montclarion
Members of the LGBTQ Center pose for a group photo following the LGBTQ flag raising event in October 2018. Photo courtesy of Cindy Meneghin

The university is placed 24th in the “Top 25 LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges for 2019” according to a list released by

College Consensus is known for ranking college campuses across the country based on a number of different factors, from their facilities and programs all the way to the surrounding location’s quality of excitement.

To find out each rank, they combine a publisher consensus with a student consensus to reach a final percentage evaluating the school. In the case of Montclair State University, the publisher came up with a 40.5 percent consensus and a 68.5 percent student consensus; averaging out to 54.4 percent combined consensus agreeing that the university is LGBTQ-friendly.

The LGBTQ Center has a rock on campus located near Blanton Hall and the Student Recreation Center.
Ari Lopez Wei | The Montclarion Photo credit: Ari Lopes Wei

Junior business major Nicole Merendino finds the university’s ranking in the top 25 as no surprise.

“I have no doubt that [the university] was considered on the top 25 list because of how inclusive the campus is,” Merendino said. “As a proud ally, I encourage everyone to get Safe Space Trained [as soon as possible] to promote an already diverse campus community.”

When evaluating which universities are considered LGBTQ-friendly, College Consensus looks for factors such as gender-inclusive housing options, mental health resources for LGBTQ youth and non-discrimination policies.

Students Ilana Filiault (top left), Colleen White (top right), Jason Kunzman (bottom left) and Carly Deliman (bottom right) pose for a group picture inside of their apartment in The Village, where they all live together in gender-inclusive housing.
Photo courtesy of Andrew Anzalone

Junior business major Colleen White sees first-hand just how all-inclusive Montclair State is as a resident living with someone of the opposite gender. She feels the school was robbed of a higher ranking.

“Even when signing up for housing, [Residence Life] gave us no problems when we asked to room with [my friend] Jason, who is gay,” White said. “Personally I think we could have ranked higher, but considering the size and popularity of Montclair State compared to other schools on the list, I’m overall proud we made it on the list but surprised we aren’t higher.”

College Consensus acknowledged Montclair State’s LGBTQ Center on campus, Stonewall living suites in Dinallo Heights for the LGBTQ community and their LGBTQ minor option under gender, sexuality and women’s studies as a part of their rank.

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