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Democrats Fill New Jersey Congress, Students Pleased

by Christina Urban

The Democratic Party has flooded New Jersey Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. Students have expressed a general happiness with last night’s results.

Democrat Robert “Bob” Menendez of New Jersey won his third term in the United States Senate, despite criticisms about trials of misusing his office for personal gain, over Republican Robert “Bob” Hugin.

Democrat Rebecca Michelle “Mikie” Sherrill of New Jersey took the District 11 position for the House of Representatives, which is in charge of both counties Montclair State University resides in: Essex and Passaic. Three Republican districts have flipped to Democratic. Ten of 12 districts are now Democratic, with District 4 held by Republican Chris Smith and District 3 leading with Republican Tom MacArthur.

Junior communication and media arts major Jeymmy Cuevas said she voted in her hometown of West New York and is pleased with the amount of Democrats who won. However, Cuevas said she is neutral when it comes to Menendez’ re-election.

“I would say I’m not his biggest fan, but I’d rather have somebody who I am not a fan of, but is still a Democrat than have somebody who is a Republican who would be against everything I believe in,” Cuevas said.

Senior religious studies major Kyle Novis said he is happy with the specific change in District 7’s house party, which has flipped to Democratic.

“I don’t always feel that voting is important in the sense that I’m really making a major difference in our democracy, but I’d rather be doing it than not be doing it,” Novis said.

Some students still did not take part in democracy. Freshman history major Joseph Salvanto said he forgot to register, but said the elections results are how he expected them to be.

“I’m indifferent to [who won],” Salvanto said. “I didn’t want one side to win over the other.”

Freshman English major Sierra Schiff said she was registered to vote at home, but did not vote because she had no way of traveling back.

Nationally, Republicans control the Senate with 51 in Congress, while Democrats have taken over the House of Representatives with 222 in office.


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